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Summer deal – Meetio App!

13 June, 2019

It’s summer and we would like to celebrate with an awesome offer! How about Meetio App for your entire organization for the rest of the year? Pretty amazing, right? 

Meetio App allows you to schedule and organize your meetings and meeting rooms directly from your phone. Forget trouble with bookings, meeting invitations or room management – with Meetio App you will have everything under control within seconds. 

Still not entirely convinced? Let us explain why Meetio App is a win! Imagine that you are out for lunch. Halftime in, you remember the meeting you are hosting after lunch. Quickly you text your colleagues and remind them about the time. Right before you leave the restaurant you realize that you have forgotten to book a room for the meeting.

This could be a critical moment – or not. Since you are updated about the latest trends on the market you immediately pick up your phone and open Meetio App. Quick and easy you will see which rooms that are available and within a second your room is booked. All set!

The offer is available for customers who have not tried Meetio App before. Get you deal here 

 The Meetio team wishes you an awesome summer! 

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