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Hot desking for the hybrid workplace

Optimize your office space utilization and enable flexible working with Meetio Desk – hot desking made simple.

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Up your real estate ROI and productivity? Yes, please! Flexible, hybrid workplaces are here to stay and that means hot desking.

Meetio Desk is a cloud based desk booking solution that enables easy management and reservations of desks and other workspaces in your office – on site or on your phone.

Key benefits with a hot desking solution:

  • Smarter use of your existing office spaces
  • Keeps real estate costs down
  • Boosts creativity and collaboration
  • Makes it easy to monitor office occupancy

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Benefits for you

Lower real estate costs

In reality the desk per employee ratio is not 1:1 and desks are actually empty during large parts of a typical work week. Expensive space is left unused, but Meetio Desk lets you trim those expenses significantly!

Increased collaboration

Hot desking makes you move around more and interact with people you usually might not talk to, which bridge communication gaps and creates a collaborative environment.

Smarter use of spaces & scalable

Sharing desks frees up space that can be used for other purposes. Meetio Desk enables scaling up or down depending on your workplace needs. Grow your workforce, not your square meters!

Control office occupancy

Say goodbye to tired Excel spreadsheets that quickly turns into a mess! Meetio Desk makes it easy to monitor office occupancy and to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Supported systems

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