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The one where Christopher installed Meetio Desk


One of the reasons to why we’re going for an activity-based workplace is our new product Meetio Desk (launching soon!). But how do you know if your product is as good as you promise? You try it on your own colleagues of course!

It was a Wednesday in November when Tech Lead Christopher walked from the development room to the combined sales- and marketing area where the flexible seating experiment was about to start. With him he had several Desk modules and a package of tools. The installation could begin!


Our former salesman Philip (we miss you!) was quick on his feet to help. So was Zoey, Christopher’s dog. Even if she mostly wanted to cuddle.


Everything followed smooth until they came to the phone booth. 


“If you stand on the stool, and if I lift you plus the stool – maybe you can reach the outlet?”

Everything eventually settled, even the phone booth dilemma and now all desks have their own Meetio Desk! Every morning each and everyone in the sales- and marketing room go to Meetio App and book whatever desk they want for the day. Very smooth, very smooth.

We also really recommend putting a Meetio Desk beside your phone booths! It’s perfect when you need to make a phone call and don’t want to be disturbed.

Happy desking!



Psst. Meetio Desk will launch soon... Contact us for more information!
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