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Office space can be a real pain. But instead of taking the easy (and expensive) way by expanding or even relocating – think again! Use Meetio to get a better overview of your space and calculate your current office space need. Let our solutions help you optimize your office – and save you money! 

Room utilization

The ideal room utilization rate per week is not 100%, but about 40-60%. Lower percentage suggests that you have space that you don't use (meaning: you spend more money than you need). A higher percentage means that your employees will have a hard time finding a free meeting room – a real issue!
But how to calculate it? Simple! Just divide the total amount of hours your meeting rooms are booked each week with the total amount of hours in the work week. See example below!

Room utilization calculation


Room density

When is the most popular time to have meetings during the week? You calculate this by breaking down the utilization data hour by hour. If possible, you can then schedule your recurring meetings on other times than the most popular. We understand that it feels like the 9 AM Monday meeting is essential, but who has decided that it must be 9 and not 10 or 11?



Track popularity

With Meetio you can also find out which rooms that are the most popular! Why does this matter? Well, if you have four rooms, and two of them has a higher utilization it must depend on something. By knowing why you can upgrade the less popular rooms with whatever they might be lacking (video tools, proper lighting etc.) and then get a better utilization. Profit!



All our products come with our administration tool Meetio Admin. The built-in statistics tool let you visualise your utilization and gives you all the insights you need, from density to popularity. 

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