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The remote management tool for your workplace  

Manage all shared resources in your organization in one single place. Safe and easy.

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Easy administration 

Manage all your rooms and desks in one single cloud platform. Meetio Admin lets you arrange your devices into groups to easily update and customize settings without having to manage each and every device manually. It doesn't get more time efficient!
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High security

We take security seriously. That's why we don't store any personal data and all communication between our software and your calendar happens without intermediaries. We conduct external penetration tests on a regular basis and don't use any open ports in our software.

Remote management checklist

Meetio Admin is your very own remote management platform that ticks all the right boxes:


No installation needed – log in from wherever you are.

High Security

Your data is not handled by anyone else than you. All communication is encrypted (SSL).

Health Check

Automatic health check of devices. You will get notified if a device goes down.


Add and remove devices without hassle. A thousand devices is just as easy to manage as one.

Operational Reliability

99,99% uptime! See for yourself here.

Device Management

Forget about running around the office to update devices – handle all units in one place.

User Management

Different administrators on different sites? No problem! Simply add users or administrators. 

Automatic Updates

Choose if you want to update devices manually or automatically. It's up to you.

Up-to-date API's

Future-proof API's with all the integrations needed, without any in-between servers. 

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You're in good company

"It’s been really easy connecting to and using Meetio. I love the web interface for device management and the products are constantly being upgraded. I would strongly recommend it."

- Karin Björkerud
IT Product Manager, Malmö University



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