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Meetio Room

The most cost-efficient meeting room management software on the market. Pair your software license with a display from one of our certified hardware vendors and be guaranteed functionality, support, and high levels of security. Get in touch with your IT partner or hardware reseller to know which display suits your needs.


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Superior meeting room management software.

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A unique solution where everyone gets an instant overview at an unbeatable price.


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Superior office overview.

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Map visualization

Visualize your office with interactive floor plan maps to be displayed on touch screens and on your phone.

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It was a really good decision to install the Meetio room bookers to our new conference rooms. You get an entirely different view of the availability and we can increase the efficiency of our meetings as well as the room utilization. They are very user-friendly and also kind of cool.

Johanna Tunberg
Johanna T, Consultant Manager, Knowit

The level of effort required to deploy and manage Meetio was incredibly low and it provided one of the best Total Costs of Ownership of any solution we evaluated. 
Our team is thrilled to have such an intuitive tool that makes room booking and management easy.

Jake Ombud
Jake M, Director of IT, Ombud

A simple, flexible and highly cost-efficient solution. Meetio gives a quick overview if a room is being used or not, which is most important to us. The way it increases possibility to carry out spontaneous meetings in the office is unbeatable.

lars lime
Lars A, Vice President, Lime Technologies