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Hot desking made simple

Activity based working or flexible working are becoming increasingly popular ways of working in the modern workplace. Hence the need of bookable workspaces has skyrocketed. Meetio Desk is a cloud service that enables easy management and scheduling of physical desks and other workspaces in your office – either on site or on your phone. Hot desking made simple!

Book now or later

On your way in to work and already know where you want to sit when you arrive? Open the Meetio app to find a desk located in your preferred workspace, and reserve a spot right away. Scan the QR code to claim your desk once you're in the office! Desks can also be booked in advance.

Meetio Desk QR code reservation

Tap to book

Pucks with LED indicators shows if a desk or space is free or occupied. Walk up to a free desk, tap twice on the screen and the desk is yours. Don't need the space anymore? Tap once to check out and release the desk to your coworkers. Talk about making the most out of your office – hot desking at its best!

Meetio desk puck with green screen

Crystal clear overview

Use the map view in the app to see the desk and workspace occupancy on each floor. If you have Meetio View, you can view your maps on large touch screens as well. Once you've spotted a space you like, book it on your phone or go directly to the desk and claim it on the puck. Simple as that!

Meetio Desk in map view

How does it work?

Meetio Desk cloud service

Meetio Desk is a cloud service for management and bookings of physical desks in your workplace. Virtual desks exist in a cloud that connects to the Meetio app, desk pucks and Meetio View maps. You book desks in the app but you can also add hardware to visualize the bookings no matter your preference, everything is connected to the cloud.

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Meetio Desk has an open REST API where you can create, update and delete reservations of desks. Find more information in our API documentation that will be available soon! We also provide sample integrations licensed as Open Source stay tuned for more details coming soon. Can't wait to know more? Feel free to reach out to us with your questions!

Choose your package

App, physical desk pucks or map visualization or a combination of everything. The choice is yours.

Standard: Meetio app

The Meetio app is all you need to find and reserve a desk! You can book a desk for how long you need – whether it's for 10 minutes or an entire day. Already know where you want to sit tomorrow or next Monday? Make a future reservation. You can also cancel or end ongoing reservations earlier if you don't need the desk anymore. Use the QR codes to book and check in desks.

Meetio Desk reservation through the Meetio app

Add-on: Desk pucks

With pucks mounted on your physical desks or other workspaces, such as phone booths or huddle areas, the virtual bookings are clearly visualized. You can also book desks directly on the pucks – perfect for ad hoc bookings. Make sure that desk reservations made in the app actually takes place by enabling the check in function on the pucks.

Desk pucks are optional.

Meetio Desk puck

Add-on: Map visualization

Add interactive floor plan maps to display workspaces and desk occupancy in the mobile app. If you got Meetio View with maps, you can choose to add desks to your maps, as well as use the maps in the app.

Desk visualization in maps is optional.

Desks in map on phone and touch screen

Competitive pricing

Choose the package that suits your organization best.


Pick your annual software license. The app is included in the price.

12 month license subscription
per resource
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Desk booking made simple.

Software updates & support
 Meetio mobile app included

Add-on: Desk pucks

Visualize your reservation at the desk, enable check-in and ad-hoc reservations.

Desk puck
per puck
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Yours to keep.

3,5" touch display
36 month warranty & support

Add-on: Map visualization

Display the location and occupancy of your desks on your phone. If you got Meetio View with maps you can use them in your phone as well, free of charge.

Map Visualization
per floor
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One time fee for producing your interactive maps.

Locate areas with free desks
Visualize desk occupancy

Supported systems

To enjoy full functionality you need to use the Meetio mobile app, which requires Office 365, Exchange or G Suite.

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You can choose to only use desk pucks without the app as well. In that case you can use any calendar system!

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