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Activity-Based Working

What is activity-based working and why is it a win? We will try to answer all of your questions by acting as our own lab rat. Make sure to keep up and follow our journey.


Or, are you an ABW expert and keeper of invaluable knowledge which you would like to share? Please do – we would love to interview you! Send us an email with the button below and we will contact you.


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What are the advantages with activity-based working?

What does "Clean Desk Policy" mean?

We make our office ABW ready!

Hear Johannes & Andreas thoughts on Meetio and ABW!


It's been a month! How are we doing? We ask Isabel!

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Space planning

Since we're about to move our entire office we figured we need to dig deep into space planning.
How do you optimize your space planning? We give your our best tips!

How do you plan your office? We give you the basics!

What does the encyclopedia say?

Learn about how to plan your meeting rooms.

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