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We believe in making the workplace as smart as the people in it

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Meetio - The team
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Keep It Short
Meetio - About us
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Keep It Short
Meetio - About us
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Keep It Short

Why we're here

We're devoted to making the best possible solutions for the modern workplace. Our guiding principles for everything we do are...


We are smart people (if you ask us), and we try to hire even smarter people. Our solutions are smart, helping our customers to spend time and resources smarter. Smart, right?


Smart does not imply complex, quite the opposite. We're easy-going people. Our solutions are simple to use and easy to understand. It is, however, really hard to be simple. We've come a long way, don't you agree?


We honor our commitments and look out for each other. That may sound cheesy, but being a trustworthy supplier, colleague, workplace and friend is something we value and take pride in.


We like having fun. We're convinced that having fun makes us a better supplier, better co-workers, develop better solutions and makes a better workplace.

The story

A long time ago, in a country far away, there was an IT Manager who set out on a mission...

The beginning

Early 2011

Our founder and CEO Andreas, then IT-manager at the fast growing CRM company Lime, gets tired of all the problems with meetings and meeting rooms. He teams up with co-founder Linus, then developer at Lime, to put together an Android app to show meeting information on a small screen outside Lime's meeting rooms.

Linus making the peace sign
The hack

Mid 2011

Together Andreas & Linus manage to get the app to integrate with the internal Exchange server at Lime. Yes, it was a hack, but time was of the essence since they only had one week of dedicated time for the project.

Broomker 1st generation
The reception

Late 2011

The solution works really well and customers, coworkers and suppliers that visit Lime ask about the very visual product and wonder where they can buy it. This made Andreas ask the CEO of Lime if he could make a product out of it, which he got the permission to do (but in his own company).

Broomker logo
Company founded

Early 2012

Meetio is officially founded and incorporated, at the time called Adjusoft. The software today known as Meetio Room was known as Broomker. Yeah, good thing we changed that right? Andreas worked in his free time making the first home page and Linus worked on making the software production ready.

Version 1.0

Late 2012

Linus completes software version 1.0 and we start testing at Lime and other associates. The first version of our website is also launched. We won’t show you as it was a face only a parent could love (you might find it on some kind of internet archive though).

Celebrating with champagne
Unknown customers


Our first customer that isn’t “previously known” to us signs an agreement to order one test unit. We doubt it was due to our first promotional video, but we can't be sure.

Andreas and Christopher
New views


Christopher, our beloved software developer, then on his final year of studies at Malmö University, joins us to create an overview screen of all meetings and rooms in the same vein as Meetio Room. It is dubbed BLS (Broomker Large Screen), today better known as Meetio View. The first version is released later that same year, featuring your favorite "Grid View".

Meetio logo
The leap

Early 2015

In a total branding overhaul, Adjusoft becomes Meetio AB. Broomker transforms into Meetio Room and Broomker Large Screen becomes Meetio View. Andreas makes the leap and, with their blessing, leaves Lime to put all his efforts into a fast growing Meetio. Co-founder and partner Johannes leaves his background in commercial real estate and joins Andreas and Linus in building out the future of the company.

Sales board
Family additions

Late 2015

The first version of Meetio Admin, our awesome cloud administration tool, sees the light of day. We also launch the first version of a product for resources shared among different calendar systems, Meetio Book.

Starting to get traction we also double our revenue.



Demand for Meetio solutions grows quickly, we hire not one but five new employees, at the same time tripling Meetio's revenue.

Johannes brewing beer
Continued growth


Meetio hires two additional employees in Marketing and Development and almost triples the revenue.  But first and foremost, we brew amazing beer like Meetio Ipa and Meetio Summer.



Meetio Malmö office
Going international


After a wildly successful 2017, Meetio moves from a startup incubator to its first own office at Stadion in Malmö. Meetio also adds two other offices to keep up with product demand. The new Stockholm office comes first, then Johannes goes on an adventure across the Atlantic ocean for 6 months to launch our U.S. headquarters in Portland, Oregon. 

Meetio goes from 9 to 19 employees and doubles its revenue.

New additions


The more the merrier! We continued to expand, both in Sweden and in the US. However, it was not only our workforce that grew, so did also our family of products! We launched Meetio Personal – a combination of our app and our Outlook add-in. Crazy enough, we once again managed to double our revenue – great success!


Growing faster than ever.


Happy customers

15 000+

Connected units



Office floor plan map on Meetio View screen

Come by and say hi!

Visit us in Malmö, Stockholm & Portland.

Meet the team

Here are the crazy ones. The creative and beautiful people behind Meetio.

Andreas Lännerberg
Andreas Lännerberg
Founder, CEO

When not thinking about software and meetings you will find Andreas in the forest, either fishing or hunting. He may also be found at a local brewery. Andreas suffers from ophidiophobia (snake phobia) and therefore he dreams about starting a hedgehog farm, since they feast on snakes.
+46 40 618 12 01

Johannes Bolvede
Johannes Bolvede
Co-founder, coo, ceo meetio inc.

Outside of work Johannes is most often found around the kitchen - cooking up something exotic (or typically swedish for that matter) or hanging out in the woods camping or trekking! If you want to flatter Johannes, praise his beard. That makes him happy.
+46 40 618 12 02

Linus Karnland
Linus Karnland

Avid cyclist (putting it mildly). If he's not at the office writing code you'll most definitely find him on a bike somewhere, pedalling like there's no tomorrow.
+46 40 618 12 04

Christian Natt och Dag
Christian Natt och Dag

Here's the no.1 firecracker! After work you'll most likely find him in the running track or chasing his three children. Christian has a taste for the good things in life, and as the wine connoisseur he is, he doesn't say no to a glass of red wine or two.
+46 40 618 12 07

Mårten Holst

Mårten is the sunshine of the Meetio team. Several times a day he gets this good feeling and starts to sing. Outside of work he likes to spend time with his family, and as a rockstar together with friends in a band. Beware of leaving snacks and other edible things unattended in Mårten's presence.
+46 40 618 12 05

Camilla Kronvall
Camilla Kronvall

Camilla a.k.a. 'The brain' keeps track of most things. USA and especially New York is her soft spot. Outside of the office she likes to (except traveling to N.Y.C.) hang out with friends, work out and watch a good movie or series.
+46 40 618 12 06

Patrik Strub
Patrik Strub
Regional Sales Developer / Team Leader - malmö

When Patrik isn't busy with his three kids, he's working on his swing at the golf course or training for marathons. In fact, Patrik has completed a "Svensk Klassiker" (90 km skiing, 300 km cycling, 3 km swimming and 30 km running)! Gin, vacations and good food are all things very dear to Patrik.
+46 40 618 12 12

Sigrid Bonli
Sigrid Bonli
Customer Success Advisor - Malmö

Sigrid is the eternal optimist who never says no to a cup of coffee, or a glass of champagne for that matter. She lived in the little skiing village Sälen for a while but her love for Malmö brought her back to the south, even if she's missing the snow. Sigrid is a little scared of Zoey and Boris (office dogs), but she is doing better with each day!
+46 73 973 91 90

Tom Wätthammar

When Tom isn't spending time with his wife and son, he likes to play floorball and padel. Soccer is also a great interest and especially Malmö FF. If you ask Tom for travel advice don't be surprised if he recommends Africa, and more specifically to visit the mountain gorillas in Rwanda — "Magical!"
+46 40 618 12 14

André Persson
André Persson
Regional Sales Developer / Team Leader - stockholm

André is very energetic and a true "joie de vivre" kind of guy! Exploring new restaurants, being one of his favorite activities, which has resulted in a "restaurant bible" where he and his girlfriend rate the restaurants they visit. After work André is usually found at the gym or on the sofa with the video game controller in his hands - the past year André has worked his way through 15(!) TV games.
+46 81 286 64 60

Mathias Gimhag
Mathias Gimhag
Sales development representative - Stockholm

According to Mathias the best things in life are dogs, the sun, red wine, his girlfriend (naw, carpe diem) and hip hop. He is a true gamer who plays badminton, loves a good Counter-Strike battle and cheers for Hammarby (Swedish soccer team)!
+46 81 286 64 61

Cindy Glover
Cindy Glover
Regional sales developer / team leader - portland

Hike, sniff, eat, repeat. Porter, Cindy's Labrador retriever, is chief sniffer, but they both like to hike and eat. Cooking and entertaining are Cindy's passion, and she often tries to entice her college age kids to come home and bring friends by making lots of food.
+1 (503) 960 82 80

Jake Pennington
Jake Pennington
Account executive - Portland

When not providing sound meeting room solutions, Jake can be found in and around Puddletown having a brew while rooting for the Timbers or the Tennessee Volunteers. You can also find him backpacking around the Cascade Mountain range with his wife and Australian Shepherd, and getting served on by retirees in his Pickleball league. PTFC!
+1 (971) 570 30 17

Teddy Roy
Teddy Roy
Account executive - Portland

You can find Teddy participating in classic Pacific Northwest activities such as hiking, kayaking, fishing, and pretending like he knows a lot about beer. When it comes to eating, he finds himself putting hot sauce on many of his meals and has acquired quite the collection of fiery sauces. Teddy is a supporter of all the professional sports teams that represent Seattle.
+1 (206) 992 45 44

Yassine Fanane
Yassine Fanane
Account executive - Portland

When not at work, you can find Yassine playing soccer (he's a big Barcelona fan as well), lap swimming, playing pool/snooker, or tennis. Yassine enjoys spending as much time as he can with his little 6-year old boy. Good food, travel, music, and art are all things dear and exciting to Yassine.
+1 (503) 997 44 06

Isabel Holm

Isabel can be found near the mountains —she dreams about buying a camper van and explore The Rocky Mountains. But Malmö is also alright, and the best place according to Isabel is "Möllan" where she enjoys having a beer or two. If you want to treat Isabel with something luxurious we recommend a reeaally good ice cream (she calls herself an "ice cream snob") or an asian culinary experience!
+46 73 679 84 33

Emeli Bågvik
Emeli Bågvik
Office Manager

Here we have a real energy bomb! Emeli likes to ski, watch MFF with her family and to sing with her choir. She is passionate about helping people in need – she has been to Gambia where she sponsored education for young adults. Psst, if you ever see double when you meet Emeli it might have something to do with the fact that she has an almost identical twin!
+46 73 630 83 60

Felicia Berglund
Felicia Berglund
Digital Marketing Manager

Felicia is a 'crazy cat lady' (except that she doesn't have any)  she can barely look at a cat picture without feeling severe cute aggression. Besides cats and other furry animals, she enjoys online shopping and the gym. In a very successful collab, Linus and Felicia have found the ultimate ratio between coffee and water!
+46 40 618 12 09

Fredrik Seijsing
Fredrik Seijsing

Fredrik is a plastic fan of (Swedish soccer team... again) Kalmar FF who enjoys self torture such as the Ironman, swimrum competitions and similar mad stuff. Father of three i.e. hoping to get some sleep around year 2022. Loyal SAAB driver and fond of tech, whiskey and difficult beer, preferably in combination.
  +46 40 618 12 11

Johanna Carlsson
Johanna Carlsson
Marketing Assistant

The best things in life according to Johanna are horses, wine and the Swedish west coast – but not necessarily in combination. With a soft spot for the Swedish TV show Mandelmanns Farm, Johanna is secretly dreaming of a house in the country side with chickens, sheeps, dogs and everything else included.
  +46 70 798 69 53

Christopher Carlsson
Christopher Carlsson
Tech lead

Christopher is most likely to be found in the 'development room' where he writes code and drinks amino acids. His big passion in life is body building! When he's not at the gym lifting heavy stuff, he's driving his motorcycle or taking long, cozy walks with his dog Zoey.

Anna-Karin Friberg
Anna-Karin Friberg
Software developer

Anna-Karin a.k.a. "AK" a.k.a. "HR Nightmare" is a true artist who enjoys painting, photography, singing and playing the guitar - you name it! AK is a mother of three and loves to read, preferably dystopias. Uncertain if the kids' bedtime stories are dystopias as well. Be aware that she is terrified of snails.

Rhys Roberts
Rhys Roberts
DevOps engineer

Rhys a.k.a. "The Code Pope"! Welsh, but doesn't understand the Welsh language. Rhys like board games and movies that are so bad they're good. Favorite show is Friday night lights even though he hates american football (hates soccer as well).

Nils Thalin
Nils Thalin
UX developer
Nils is one of those rare "unicorns" that combine UX and development. He is also a DJ with a background in radio. Nils is always up for a good conversation about design, JavaScript, or music.

Simon Brynskog
Front-end developer

Simon describes himself as a real sports nerd. He loves sports of all kind: both actual sports and fantasy sports, and especially American sports. Mostly he spends his time with his family, but you can also find him in the gym or dancing salsa. Simon is passionate about building user-friendly interfaces with a clean design.

Alex Hultman
Alex Hultman
Software developer

Coming soon...

Patrik Schalin
Patrik Schalin

Family, motorcycles, skiing and ice hockey are Patrik's absolute faves. When not coaching his two sons in hockey, you can find him in the garage fiddeling with his Harley Davidson. Don't try to reach him during week 12, since he's probably busy sliding down a slope in Chamonix.

Peter Sjögren
Peter Sjögren
Here's a true science lover! Astronomy and particle physics are Peter's (a.k.a. Folke) cup of tea, when not trying to fix malfunctioning computers or software bugs. As Peter is a huge fan of Helsingborg IF (yet another soccer team...) he is somewhat struggling with having an office at Malmö FF's home pitch.

Eric Rasmusson Lindström
Eric Rasmusson Lindström

Eric is a jack-of-all-trades. You'll find both skiing, music (he spent four years in London working with music!), sailing and biking on his menu. A great source of happiness in Eric's life is the Instagram account "Jerry of the Day" and the TV show Wahlgrens Värld. Don't put him in a ski lift queue though – it'll make him very sad.

Stefan Markides
Stefan Markides

Stefan grew up in sunny Cyprus, but moved to Sweden in 2013 due to his undying love for cold weather. He speaks five(!) languages, loves tea and video games (preferably together), swimming and watching terrible series with his girlfriend and cat. Metal is the only genre he classifies as music and he absolutely despise coffee.
+46 10 175 49 00

Christopher's adorable "puggle" i.e. the divine mix of a pug and a beagle. Zoey is livin' the good life, being totally spoiled every day at the office. She loves to play hide and seek with bones and her favorite song is The power of love with Frankie goes to Hollywood (true story).
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