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We are passionate about helping our customers get the most out of their workplaces and so are our resellers.



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Why partner up with Meetio?

We're here for the marathon, not the sprint. Meetio provides a close partnership focused on long-term growth.

Growing industry

Meetio's solutions are part of a fast-growing market – don't miss out on the opportunity.


As a reseller of Meetio's products you will grow and expand your offerings, generating increased sales and revenue.


Our products are easy both to use, implement, and sell.


We offer free and ongoing training for your sales staff to make it even easier to sell Meetio.


Our support team will be there for you and your customers whenever needed.

Demo units

We'll provide you with demo units to show your customers how our software functions.

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Mårten Holst
Mårten Holst
Partner Account Manager, Malmö
André Persson
André Persson
Regional Sales Developer, Stockholm

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