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The post 2020 workplace

The post 2020 workplace

We're in the middle of a transition, can you feel it? Workplace norms around the world are being reinvented. Let's look at where we've been and where we're going.

Winds of change

Our whole concept of workplace is changing at lightning speed.

From the beginning Meetio has been devoted to creating the best possible solutions for the modern workplace. In recent years, forward-thinking companies have begun to adopt progressive techniques such as activity based and flexible working. The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated these approaches to the modern workplace for good. Here's a breakdown of the situation, where we've been, what's happening now, and the really hard part – what the workplace will look like post 2020?

Pre 2020

Before our world changed so dramatically, you were probably preparing for another year at the office – working standard hours from your own desk, face-to-face meetings, and the daily water cooler talks.

You may have wished to work from home sometimes, but your employer was somewhat hesitant about remote work. When you did work from home, remote meetings and internal communication may have seemed like a hassle. However, the one hour commute did leave you with time to catch up on your favorite podcast. Nothing to complain about, right? 

Little did we know...

Office interactions

Current State

By now, you've been working from home for months. Digital meetings are the new normal and you've likely enjoyed some virtual happy hours. Even if you miss your colleagues and social interactions at the office, working from home is not that bad.

The primary focus for companies now is to figure out how to get people back to the office safely. The days where people sat close to each other is over. How do we prepare our workplaces for the transition? Stricter cleaning policies, rotating schedules or should we let go of our pride i.e. the grand (but very expensive) city center HQ? Real estate strategies are at play as companies consider modifying their footprints.

How we address these questions will have a huge impact on the post 2020 workplace.


Working from home

Post 2020

Ideas and theories of how our workplaces will function in the future are plentiful. Most agree that things have to change. The flexibility and freedom people have experienced working remotely seems to have worked more effectively than anticipated for both employee and employer. Few of us wants to return to the office full time, instead, the majority prefer a hybrid model.

We believe that the future workplace will serve as an arena for interaction and collaboration. Much of the high-focus work will be conducted remotely and the days we spend at the office fills the need for in person communication. Design and tech are evolving to better support our new way of working. Welcome the new era!

Meeting in the post 2020 workplace
"We believe that the key function of the future workplace will be to serve as an arena for interaction and collaboration."
Fredrik Seijsing, Meetio

Fredrik Seijsing
CMO, Meetio

Key tech for a smooth transition

New ways of working requires new solutions. To meet the demands of the post 2020 workplace,
you will need solutions that facilitate flexibility and easily manage office space utilization.

Hot desking system

Hot desking system

Our desk booking solution allows you to mark out spaces and desks in your workplace that can be reserved ad hoc or in advance from your phone, on physical desk pucks or through QR codes. The result: Flexible working on your terms whilst maintaining social distance.

Mobile scheduling

Mobile scheduling

Don't limit your working day to only take place in the office. Make working on the go an alternative by using a scheduling solution that supports a flexible way of life and work. Our mobile scheduling solution gives you full flexibility and enhanced personal productivity.

Workplace analytics

Workplace analytics

Ensure the best conditions for a successful workplace! Improve unused space, see when your office has the highest occupancy and which rooms or desks are used the most. With our analytics solution, you can create a workplace tailored to your organization's needs.

Guide: Plan your return to the office

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What do others think?

We have talked to some smart people with really interesting thoughts about the future workplace.
Read what they have to say and let us know what you think!

“I believe that we both now and in the future need to be able to offer different types of work environments within our workplace.”

Bo Johansson, Trafikverket

Bo Johansson
Workplace Strategist, Swedish Transport Administration

“ order to create a higher degree of employee satisfaction, the workplace must meet the needs of those who work there.”
Karin Ståhl, GoToWork

Karin Ståhl
CEO, GoToWork

“A common mistake I think many businesses will do when planning their new office layout, is to underestimate the need of being able to do high-focus work even in the office.”
Jonas Westerlund, Tenant & Partner

Jonas Westerlund
Workplace Strategist, Tenant & Partner

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