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The Meetio app

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Increase your productivity

Want to reserve a meeting room on your phone? Or find and book a desk for the day? We hear you. With Meetio's app (included in your Meetio Room and Meetio Desk licenses) your personal productivity will get a real boost! Easily schedule meetings, rooms, desks and other spaces in the palm of your hand. Scheduling has never been easier!

Schedule on the go

The Meetio app let's you schedule meeting rooms, desks and other spaces from wherever you are. 

Meetio App

A true timesaver

No need to log on to your computer or various other booking systems – do it all directly with just a few clicks. Desks, meetings and meeting rooms have never been within such close reach.

Meetio App scheduling

Handy overview

Forget about searching the office for available seats and meeting rooms. A complete overview of free meeting rooms and desks are just one click away – in the palm of your hand!

Meetio app

Easy wayfinding

Need to find a meeting room or a desk asap? If you have Meetio View or Meetio Desk, you can visualize your floor plan maps in the app and get a clear overview of your entire office and its spaces.

Meetio app wayfinding

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The Meetio app

Easy scheduling and wayfinding – in your hands.

Meetio phone app calendar overview

Overview of all your upcoming appointments.

Meetio phone app desk booking

Schedule meeting spaces and desks in seconds.

Meetio phone app extend or end meeting view

End and extend bookings. 

Meetio phone app with floor plan maps

Overview of your entire office with the map visualization add-on.

Supported systems

The app is available for both Android and iOS and connects to your existing calendar in Office 365, Exchange or G Suite.

Meetio's iOS and Android app are on Microsoft's lists of Intune supported apps, meaning that you can fully manage the app through Intune MDM/MAM and support Intune conditional access.

Meetio App connects to Office 365
Meetio App connects to Exchange
Meetio app connects to G Suite


The app is included in your Meetio Room and Meetio Desk package. Map visualization can be added free of charge.

Add-on: Map visualization

Visualize your entire office with intuitive floor maps.

Map Visualization
per floor
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