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Work smarter with workplace analytics

Data-driven decisions tends to be better than guesswork. Tailor your workplace after your needs with the help of workplace analytics.

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Track workplace behavior

Let your workplace work for you and not the opposite. Unused spaces drains money without giving back. Find out how different spaces in your office are utilized and re-arrange it for the better. With workplace analytics you can find the bottlenecks and get rid of them.

Easy insights

Complex data made easy to understand. Workplace analytics translates your data to easy insights made to support business decisions on all levels. From changing meeting room fittings to an office move.

Key metrics

The KPI's you need to track your workplace performance.


Usage or utilization shows how much your rooms and desks are booked during a work week. Around 70% booked space are considered an ideal utilization.

Meeting Density

A percentage of how many meeting rooms that are hosting meetings at a particular time. Discover which days or time of the day your office are used the most.


Find out which rooms or desks are the most popular, and which are not. By knowing why you can update the less used spaces to get a better utilization.

Average Length

How long is the average meeting in your organization? Find out how much time your team spends in meetings.

Meeting Behavior

Are your meetings frequently ended before the time is up? Meetings that are ended early and not checked out means empty meeting rooms that could be used by someone else. 

Peak Occupancy

The time during the work week when the demand for meeting rooms and desks is the highest. 

Booking Behavior

How many bookings are scheduled in advance opposed to ad-hoc bookings?


Find out the average number of meeting attendees. Get the insights you need to tailor the size of your meeting rooms – maybe you need more small rooms instead of big ones?

Check-in Rates

Check-in rates tells you how many meetings are checked in, i.e. that they have actually taken place. 

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