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Make your return to the office smoother

16 June, 2020

While many of us consider ourselves pro’s at working from home by now, we wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of us hunger to return to the office as soon as possible. At least, we at Meetio do. And as suiting as it might seem, we’re also launching a new product perfect for the transition. We give you Meetio Desk – your perfect friend for your workplace comeback!

When the time comes for us to make our way back into the office, we will probably not just switch the sign to “open” and hope for the best. No, chances are that we instead will be pretty restrictive. If you think about it, it’s actually madness to believe that we would let employees sit tight together after months of social distancing. Seating arrangements would have to be dissolved and a new sort of flexibility will be needed. Our COO Johannes tells us why:

"We find ourselves in the middle of a transition where assigned seating is dissolved in favor of flexible seating. For many organizations, this transition has caused employees trouble with finding a seat and a lot of time is wasted on searching. It’s pretty much the same with meeting rooms, without proper visualization double bookings and ‘ghosting’ will occur”. Meetio Desk is the perfect tool in the flexible workplace. As an employee I can easily find myself a seat and I don’t have to trust my gut feeling." – Johannes Bolvede, COO, Meetio.

Desk management at its finest

With Meetio Desk employers can arrange workspaces after how many people they want to be seated in specific areas. A room that before was arranged with desks enough for ten people, might instead be used for five to make sure we don’t sit too tight. Another issue related to this is how the workplace should be designed for optimal use. Meetio Desk helps out here too:

"Meetio Desk is different from other solutions on the market since it’s not only relying on sensors. A desk can be occupied even if there’s not a person there at the moment. By visualizing the presence with the puck, we’re building a smart desk. Furthermore, we’re not only trusting one source of measurement, which means that we can deliver more precise data. Our solution is comprehensive." – Andreas Lännerberg, CEO, Meetio.

“We have done our homework”

Meetio Desk is born from our customers desires. We have consulted our customers and made their problems ours. Our Chief Sales Officer Christian Natt och Dag tells us more:

"We have done our homework and talked with our customers about their desires. What they all have in common is the idea of the modern workplace, dominated by freedom and flexibility but also smart usage of space. Meetio Desk is the result of their wishes. "

The flexible workplace is by all means here to stay. We’re happy to help you with your organizations transition. Book a demo with us and our experts will guide you to your future workplace.

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