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Meeting Visualization Dashboard – Four Reasons Why You Need One

18 May, 2020

On average, people attend about 62 meetings a month at work. While having meetings is an essential part of daily life in the modern workplace, it’s easy to get confused as to where and when a meeting is happening. When people are unsure of where they need to be, it can cost a company in wasted employee productivity.

Here, we are going to talk about meeting room visualization technology and why it's essential to any office, especially in 2020. Read on if you want to boost your employee's productivity and bring in more money than ever before!

Booking Rooms Is Made Easy with Meetio View

Meetio View is a technology that allows you to see all your office spaces in one convenient screen. You will have a floor plan of the entire office and see every room to scale. Meeting rooms that are available will be highlighted in a different color then those that are already booked – all in a single big touchscreen that is ideal for placement in your workplace lobby or reception area.

If you prefer, you can also use this dashboard technology in grid or agenda view. The Agenda view will provide greater insight into the types of meetings taking place, where they are taking place and in which order. Painting a much clearer picture of all meeting activities in the office at a quick glance.

This impressive visualization dashboard is part of Meetio’s broader room booking system. One of the most complete end-to-end meeting room management solutions available in the business marketplace today.

With such a meeting room booking system in place, there will be less confusion as to who has booked what meeting room and whether that space will be large enough to fit everyone attending.


Convenience at your fingertips

Sometimes, however, finding an unoccupied meeting room is not specific enough. You may need a meeting space that has specific features or can accommodate a certain amount of people. That is why you should explore a full-featured visualization dashboard like that of Meetio. Their technology allows you to filter rooms based on the number of participants or room equipment.

You can also enter other resources into their meeting room system which you are looking for. This means any spaces or tools, like desks or shared computers, can be plugged into the system and later be found. 

Other great features

Meetio’s solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with many industry standard office software applications, like Office 365, Exchange, and G Suite.

It also has the option to display your brand logo at the top of the page when you welcome visitors to the office. This is a good way to promote your brand alongside a message of welcome that people are sure to appreciate.

If your organisation practice flexible seating, you have the possibility to integrate Meetio View with our desk management tool Meetio Desk. By drawing up free seating areas in your map view, employees can easily find their desk for the day.

Lastly, all meeting management devices can be centrally managed through Meetio’s cloud-based web app. Making administration of the entire system very convenient and easy to use.

Get a Meeting Room Visualization Dashboard Today

In order to visualize and book a meeting room efficiently and effectively, you are going to need to get technology that allows you to centrally visualize where you will be meeting and when.

Now that you know why a meeting room visualization dashboard is essential for any office, it's time to take the next step. Click here to get a demo of meeting room visualization and management technology or learn more about Meetio View here.


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