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Everything your business needs to know about activity-based work

16 February, 2021

A lot of old institutions and ways of life are changing before our eyes. Many of these developments are taking place in the workplace. For instance, many companies and employees are no longer interested in the typical 9 to 5 lifestyles. Both parties no longer deem these traditional practices necessary or practical. 

Activity-based work is the next catalyst for change in the workplace. Its ideology is centered around creating flexible office experiences for employees – boosting both morale and productivity in the workplace. This method has many benefits when done correctly.

Read on to learn more about this method and how it can serve your company. 

Make your company more productive with activity-based work

The workplace experience is foundational for productivity. Making the switch to activity-based work lets people perform their tasks in whichever way works for them. 

Forcing employees to fit into a rigid model may curb people's creativity and will ultimately become counterproductive. For instance, some employees work better at home or remotely, only showing up to work on an as-needed basis. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed that several positions could have been more flexible all this time. Creative and flexible work situations seem to be the wave of the future.

Streamline your work and make it more cost-effective

Choosing a co-working area is good practice with activity-based work. Sharing a common office space rather than running a traditional workplace lets you split costs and resources. 

Moving into activity-based workplace model lowers overhead costs since employees are not tied to a single brick and mortar location. Going the activity-based route also enhances the way corporate teams communicate and collaborate.

You can make use of cutting age meeting management technologies like those offered by Meetio to speeds up these processes.

Maintain efficiency in the workplace

As with any other type of workplace setting, efficiency is still key when it comes to activity-based work. There are technologies that allow you to make the most of limited physical resources, including meeting rooms and desks.

It is also possible to derive usage data from using such meeting room systems. This helps you to evaluate how the new system is working for your organization and then make informed decisions from there.

Keep your employees and contractors satisfied

Simply put, employees that work under the activity-based model are more fulfilled and less stressed. 

At the moment, 40% of people say that their jobs cause them extreme stress. This is no way to live or do business, no matter how you look at it. It will also take its toll on your company eventually, as employees begin missing workdays or making costly mistakes. 

Employees feel trusted when you are not breathing down their necks or requiring them to fulfill a certain number of hours in person. This freedom and autonomy leads to greater job fulfillment, which improves morale and employee retention in the long run. 

Make the switch to an activity-based workplace

Activity-based work is the next big innovation in modern office settings. Now is the time to shake up the old way of doing things so that your business can evolve. 

We would love to be a part of your evolution. Look into our creative office solutions and pricing options that work for your company. 

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