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What is workplace experience and why should you care?

3 August, 2020

If you’re here I’m guessing you care a lot about workplace productivity and smart offices. Am I right? Workplace experience falls right into those categories and it’s a subject all organizations should both know and apply in their workplace.

What does workplace experience mean?

The term workplace experience means the sum total of all a coworker’s experiences in an organization. That includes physical, psychological, environmental and so on. Basically all of your experience of the workplace.

It’s best to look at workplace experience as an ecosystem and that ecosystem consists of all the little things affecting yours and your coworker’s everyday lives at the office. If you look at it like that it helps you understand that it is ever-evolving and you’re never really done

Workplace experience as an approach means being proactive and human-centred in everything from office design to culture and technology.

Why should you care about workplace experience?

When done right, successful workplace experience means high performance, high productivity, high employee satisfaction and wellbeing, high engagement from coworkers and better customer experience. Not too bad right?

Even before investigating workplace experience as a concept, you need to commit to putting the people first. It is how they feel about your workplace that has to set the tone for how you do it.

How do you succeed?

As we mentioned, it’s all about the people. The purpose is to help everyone understand clearly how they can use and advance their workplace. The ultimate goal is for all of your coworkers to step in to the workplace and feel as if it was made just for them.

For that to happen, there are some things you need to do when it comes to:


  • Be open and communicative about different options, such as flexibility and freedom in the workplace. 

  • Be open and transparent on how your coworkers can excel in their roles, talk about expectations, yours as well as theirs.

  • Decide what key elements are important for you to demand and be flexible with meeting your coworkers halfway on other things.


  • You’ll need tech that enables easier communication, seamless connections and increases productivity.

  • Make sure your tech is intuitive.

  • Give you coworkers the tools they need to collaborate with each other from anywhere (help them do their job well even from a remote location).

  • Get great video conferencing tools. Trust us, your coworkers will love you for it.

Physical space

  • Think about comfort, what would you prefer to sit in yourself?

  • Do your research on colors.  Which are calming? Which encourages creativity and so on?

  • Consider other things than decoration that could make your coworkers experience better. Maybe a gym in the basement? Or opening up that roof terrace you always fantasised about? Or simply organizing recurring get-togethers as after works and breakfasts.

Workplace experience is definitely something you should consider when planning your workplace. Always take it into consideration when you make changes – that way you make sure you’re always one step ahead.


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