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Everything you Need to Know About Shared Work Area Management

10 August, 2020

Flexible working hours and styles are the wave of the future. Two out of every three American workers want a more flexible work environment — even if it means fewer hours and less pay.

One way to transform your traditional cubicle office space into a modern, flexible work environment is by sharing workspaces. Suddenly, just a handful of communal desks can become an oasis of productivity for your company. Utilizing an effective shared work area management strategy, you can make your office space more accommodating for a flexible work staff.

Here is how to make that happen effectively.

Shared work area management starts with scheduling

As we said previously, lots of modern workers don’t feel the need to come to the office every day. Especially in 2020, due to safety concerns resulting from the COVID crisis, going to an office has become even more optional.

Even so, there is always exceptions to the rule — times where it's easier to go into the office and collaborate with others in front of a whiteboard. Or when project team-members need to firm up relationships between each other by working physically side by side.

If you are an office manager, you must put in place a proper desk scheduling system to effectively utilize a shared office space by your entire organization.

Modern technology is on your side

Here’s where hot desking could be the answer to your problems. An elegant desk-scheduling solution that utilizes smartphones and QR codes provide a powerful combination. These two combine together into a solution called Meetio Desk, a cloud based service which allows anyone to schedule a desk (or huddle area) in a shared communal workspace. This trend of worker’s taking whatever desk is available is more popularly known as hot-desking.

All your employees need to do is log into the Meetio app using their smartphone. From there, they can visualize which desk or shared area is available for them to book in the office. They can then reserve a spot before they get into the office. Or, once they arrive, they can choose an open seat by scanning a QR code through their phone, or by tapping a Meetio LED puck displayed on the desk (or work area). 

These bright colorful pucks light up in green, signaling that the work area is available. When someone taps on them to use the area, it changes the light to red, indicating to everyone that the area is in use.

And, when it will be time to pack up and go home, workers can unlock their shared desk (or workspace) for the next flexible worker. They can just mark it in the Meetio app or tap the puck screen to re-open their seat. 

Share your workspace effectively

As you can see, shared work area management does not have to be messy or complicated to implement. Instead, all you need are the right tools to get the job done. Arm yourself with a unified end-to-end solution for effective hot desking.

Contact us today for a detailed demo of our hot desking system.

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