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meeting room management strategies

The best meeting room management strategies to know

23 February, 2021

Managing your meeting rooms can be a nightmare without a clear and structured strategy in place. Let us inspire you to create one!

In maintaining a working space, there are a number of things to think about. One consideration is meeting room management. When you have a lot of employees sharing meeting rooms, it's important to set up meeting room reservation policies so everybody can be productive and organized.

Using a meeting room booking system will help accomplish this. Keep reading to learn more about several strategies that can help your colleagues and your business.

Add All Relevant Information

When you're setting up your meeting room management system, you need to make sure you're adding all of the necessary information about each room.

This includes:

  • Room capacity
  • Seating
  • Available equipment

By having as much information as possible about a room, your employees can quickly make the right choice about which meeting room they need to book.

Teach Employees How to Use Meeting Room Tablets

See to it that all of your tenants know how to use meeting room tablets. Meetio Room tablets are designed to be simple and easy to learn so it shouldn't take long. However, making sure that everybody understands how they work is still important to give all parties a fair chance and avoid any hard feelings if somebody fails to book a room.

Use Kiosk Mode

To prevent your employees from accessing your system and making any changes, use kiosk mode. In this mode, tenants will only be able to check the agenda, see immediate room availability, and book the room for their needs.

Cancel Rooms for No-Shows

A no-show can result in frustration from other people who could have used a meeting room that remained empty. 

With Meetio, you can set up the system to cancel a booking if the creator of the meeting doesn't check-in within a certain timeframe. This allows rooms to be opened back up quickly.

Check Room Usage Stats

As people use your meeting rooms, you can access the system’s backend to see how often each room is used and what it's being used for. This helps you make informed decisions in the future, especially if you're considering renovating your space or expanding your business.

Try Out A Meeting Room Management System

These strategies, when partnered with the right choice of technology, will help you set up a framework that will go well with everyone that's working in your office.

If you’re interested in Meetio’s meeting room management system, get a demo today. Try it out and see how it can help you streamline the meeting room reservation process for your business.

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