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Room Reservation Technology: 7 key industries that would benefit

25 January, 2022

For all the hours people spend working, the actual statistics show that we are getting less productive and not more. A surefire way to free up valuable time for the world’s workers is to streamline the process of reserving meeting venues. Generally, organizations of all sizes can benefit from an asset management system that increases operational efficiencies, like that obtained from a meeting room reservation system.

Here in this article, we highlight a few select industries that would particularly benefit from the deployment of such innovative technology. 

Business process outsourcing (BPO) companies

The fast growing BPO sector in America has become a $68 billion industry, largely thanks to the cost savings it provides. Generally, most BPO companies deal with muti-national clients. So, coordinating meetings rooms — especially considering round-the-clock shifts in BPOs — can be quite challenging! However, a good meeting room management system, can help streamline this arduous process. Aligning meeting room resources and attendees across the globe. 

Creative agencies

Ad agencies often have to churn out compelling ideas at a frantic pace. Brainstorming big ideas is a must when it comes to launching category-defining campaigns. Globally distributed teams can find coordinating meeting room resources challenging in such fast-paced work environments. This is exactly why a good room reservation system is a must-have in this space. 

Law firms

Legal practices always involve very confidential conversations. Unintended sharing of such sensitive information can drastically affect the ruling off a case. Obviously, these discussions should be held in private meeting rooms.  Having a good room booking system makes it immensely easier to reserve a venue where such privileged information remains between lawyer and client.


Architectural firms

Good architecture involves bringing innovative design ideas to life, using steel, concrete, and other materials. From start to finish, the most important architectural decisions will likely be made in meeting rooms. Consequently, the need for a meeting room manager that reduces inefficiencies associated with hosting physical meetings. Such as room booking conflicts, incorrect event notifications, wrong meeting room equipment etc. Most of these issues can be eliminated using a system like that from Meetio

Banks and other financial institutions

Banking and lending institutions require clients to share highly sensitive details about their finances. The law has strict protection over such private data. So, these meetings really should be held in private rooms. The same strict policy guidelines apply to internal corporate bank meetings. Co-ordinating the multitude of meeting room requests at a corporate level is best done through a centralized meeting room reservation system. 

Recruitment agencies

Successful companies require high-caliber employees. However, attracting the best talent is not easy. This is where recruiters come in.  They use their extensive network to fill job vacancies faster. However, finding ideal candidates will always require numerous interviews in private meeting spaces. What more efficient way to do this at scale, then with the use of meeting room reservation technology. 

Product Manufacturing companies

All manufacturing companies need close collaboration between multiple departments to bring new products to market. A typical product lifecycle workflow consists of architectural design, engineering prototyping, parts procurement, and eventual manufacture. All these activities require organizing frequent physical meetings, sometimes with teams distributed globally. Through a centralized meeting room management system, employees anywhere, can easily organize physical meeting spaces across the globe. A game changer for any company in this space. 

Choosing the best solution

There are plenty of room reservation systems on the market, so how do you know which one to get? As with most products, it all comes down to features

Ideally, the one you choose should be a fully integrated system. Meetio, for instance, is a software and hardware suite. It has an app that lets people book a meeting room anytime and anywhere. Reservations are then automatically displayed either on a tablet outside a venue or even a flatscreen TV, notifying others where and when the room is booked. 

If you'd like to know more about Meetio and its features, feel free to request a free demo here.  

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