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Top Three Advantages of Investing in a Conference Room Booking System

2 September, 2021

A lot of things have changed in the workplace after the pandemic swept the globe and forced the hands of governments all over the world. Businesses have experienced a significant brunt of the impact, and enterprises that want to keep moving forward must adapt accordingly. Streamlining company policies around employee gatherings is especially important in these times.

According to industry data, there are about 11 million meetings that are held every day in the United States. The pandemic may have radically changed this statistic, but only within a certain context. Video conferencing, or virtual meetings, have taken the place of face-to-face meetings. In fact, according to App Annie, video conferencing apps in March 2020 saw a 90% increase in weekly average downloads from 2019.

As the country transitions into the new normal, forward-thinking businesses must take a hard look at their current processes to improve where necessary and gear up for better business success.

When it comes to planning meetings, a conference room booking system is a must. Here are three ways that such software system can add value to any business.

What a conference room booking system can do for your organization:

  • It helps shape company culture by enabling fast efficient in-person meetings.

According to an article, some of the best ways to create the company culture that you want is to prioritize policies according to defined objectives, celebrate milestones that align with core values, spotlight small stories that are important to the brand, and model behavior that you want the team to emulate. Of course, all of these activities require employees to huddle together to meet and discuss. Having an easy-to-use conference room scheduling system can help by:

  • Streamlining the process of arranging discussions with the team
  • Responding to events as they happen with a flexible real-time meeting system.
  • Coordinating with other members outside of the team by supporting various calendaring systems


  • It creates greater operational efficiencies 

Speaking of productivity and efficiency, a conference room booking system cuts down on the time spend finding an available room with the right meeting room equipment. With multiple conference rooms that can be viewed, replete with their availability statuses and time slots, employees can immediately book a room and share the details of the meeting with all attendees instantaneously.

If you're on the road and need access to a conference room, you can simply go onto Meetio’s meeting room smartphone app to find an available meeting venue.

Also, their room booking tablet, Meetio Room, allows for flexible scheduling and rescheduling of a meeting room, right on the spot. Just before the meeting starts, you can look at check-in status and cancel a meeting if the attendees are not around.

Lastly, with a modern conference room booking system like Meetio, employees never again have to worry about a meeting room being "stolen" or overlapping with other teams. Leaving team-members with lots of time to work on more important business matters.

  • It optimizes your use of office resources.

Meetio’s Meeting Room Manager System lets company management gain insightful data about room usage and booking behavior, helping optimize the use of these scarce resources. When management knows how workplace utilization fares against cost efficiency goals, productivity targets, and other business objectives, they can better strategize and redirect these resources to achieve business success.

If you want more details on how our meeting reservation system works, read more below!

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