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How hot desking solutions can modernize your operations

7 September, 2021

The modern workplace is an ever-evolving concept, with its space, layout, and function shifting with the times. One trend that has recently caught on is hot desking — a space-saving setup that can help lower your overhead costs by up to 30%.

In a typical workplace, every employee is assigned a specific desk. Hot desking turns that model on its head, allowing anyone to use a desk as long as it’s free. In that regard, it’s not unlike a cafe setup where people occupy a desk when they need it and vacate it afterward so others can use it.

Of course, managing such a fluid workplace can get hectic. This is why many companies use hot desking solutions that make booking desks a breeze. If you’re thinking about transitioning your office to such an arrangement, here are some crucial tips you need to know.

Implement hot desking solutions to make your office future-ready

More likely than not, you’re considering hot desking as a result of the current pandemic. Indeed, there’s a growing list of companies that are allowing their employees to work from home even after the pandemic.

If you plan to do a part-remote and part-on site arrangement, you may not need quite as many desks or offices as before, especially if you are thinking about transition the office into a hot desking environment.

In order to ensure a smooth rollout, be sure to keep these tips in mind:

  • Do it in stages 

It’s hard (and probably jarring) to convert your entire office into a hot desking setup overnight. As such, you may want to allocate only a certain number of desks for hot desking at the outset, and convert more workspaces as time goes on. By doing so, you allow your staff to acclimatize to the new arrangement.


  • Find the right tools

Booking a hot desk should be seamless and hassle-free, but this is only possible if you choose the right office desk reservation system. Meetio Desk, allows people to book a desk workspace using an app. They choose a free desk, book it and when they arrive at the office they use the QR-code to check-in and claim it. 

  • Cluster the desks

Even in hot desking offices, employees tend to prefer sitting next to their colleagues. You can designate certain desks for certain departments, so it’s easier for workers to talk and collaborate with each other. Not only does this boost morale, it also increases team productivity.

  • Look at the data 

The great thing about a desk reservation system is that it readily yields data insights that you can use to inform future decisions. For instance, if you see that the adoption of hot desking has picked up, you can begin adding more desks to your inventory. Having access to good hot desking analytics will increase the success of your implementation.

Of course, all change has some birthing pains. By keeping the tips above in mind and having the ideal hot desking solutions, your company can maximize the perks this workplace setup offers.

If you’re searching for the best booking desk suite on the market, we can help you. Read more about our solutions below!

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