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How a hot desk booking system can improve your company culture

9 September, 2021

The uncertainty that has surrounded the pandemic has carried over to many aspects of life, and businesses are now armed with the bigger responsibility of keeping employees safe. The changes brought about by COVID-19 have created repercussions regarding the way that enterprises model their employee policies.

A string of interviews conducted by McKinsey with 70+ Chief Human Resource Officers in Europe found that from 2021 and beyond, the majority intend to transition to a model called "back to human."

People-centric policies form part and parcel of a company's culture. In the wake of COVID-19, forward thinking companies that go out of their way in keeping their employees happy will benefit from attracting and holding onto top talent.

Market data reports that about 88% of job seekers believe that a good work culture is important to success, and millennials in-particular prioritize "people and culture fit" more than any other metric. If your company culture is solid enough to attract high-value workers, you can expect up to 33% increase in revenue.

Hot desking, which allows employees to work from an open desk instead of an assigned desk, can contribute to your company’s culture in a very positive way. Consequently, a hot desk booking system can make for an important investment.

Flexibility is the New Normal

The new normal has ushered in the need for flexible working arrangements, with Work-From-Anywhere models continually being adopted all over the world.

Now with COVID restrictions lifting, many employees moving back into the office, will expect the same level of freedom. If your office already employs an open space floor plan, hot desking is the next step.

A study found that 73% of employees are more productive with flexible arrangements, and they also felt more satisfied at work because of it. With a hot desk booking system in place, your company culture can embrace the freedom that flexibility promises, helping to boost employee morale.


More Networking and Team Building

By being able to book desks anywhere, your organization promotes a culture that values openness and team building. Additionally, your employees can network with each other better, as they can make an advanced reservation targeting the area where they want to sit.

For instance, when HSBC cut back on its office space, they decided to transform their C-Suite into a meeting and collaborative space. As part of that change, the CEO ended up hot desking with everyone else in the company.

So, just like HSBC, if your company culture makes it possible for employees to rub elbows with C-level leadership, they will feel more valued and encouraged.

Better Communication and Collaboration

Hot desking areas are becoming more crucial in opening windows of communication and collaboration across entire organizations. A good hot desk booking system will ensure that your employees optimize this new arrangement to their satisfaction.

A hot desk booking system like Meetio Desk also lets you find workspaces next to specific employees, with its Find-a-Colleague feature. This makes it easier for employees to connect with team members for a project, or at least sit next to their favorite coworker so they feel more comfortable at work.

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