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Three things a meeting room booking tablet can do for your business

14 September, 2021

If your organization is adjusting to the new normal, productive meetings are critical to surviving the impact of COVID-19. They are viable opportunities for brainstorming ways to outpace current challenges and accelerate your business towards future success. For that to be possible, having the right meeting room booking tablet system is necessary.

The new normal came with pain points—too many, in fact. A survey conducted by the Statista Research Department found that among small businesses, 27.2% reported that the COVID-19 pandemic had a negative major effect on their operations. Similarly, a World Bank analysis discovered that sales all over the world dropped by 27 percent from October 2020 to January 2021, and a further 45% in April to September.

Fortunately, the human spirit is built for resilience, and McKinsey reported that in the third quarter of 2020 alone, the United States saw more than 1.5 million new businesses. Adopting innovations such as digitization has equipped many organizations with the tools needed to weather the storm, and even triumph over it!

Now, as we start going back to the office, we need to make sure our offices are working as smooth as possible. A meeting room booking tablet is your best friend for ensuring effective use of spaces and meeting areas!

Why Your Organization Needs a Great Meeting Room Booking Tablet

Better Efficiency

There are several possible drawbacks to traditional meeting scheduling. These drawbacks can significantly hamper efficiency in your operations. Pencil booking a room, for instance, with just a verbal agreement may result in "stolen" rooms, overlapping time slots, and other issues. With a meeting room reservation tablet, you get a comprehensive look into all available rooms, their schedule availability, size, and more.

This equips your organization with the ability to optimize time-consuming administrative tasks related to managing meetings at scale. Your team will have less issues with double-booking meeting rooms, not having the right equipment and other time-wasting administrative activities. Similarly, you can better coordinate with other team members, as you share the room booking in real time across several calendar systems.

Better Flexibility

With a meeting room booking tablet, you can also tap into greater flexibility in your operations. Let's say you planned to schedule a meeting at 3pm, but something comes up, and you will have to hold it later. Your meeting room booker will allow you to cancel the booked meeting and get another one quickly, while giving you a holistic view of all available rooms for the later time.

Better flexibility allows you to book a room anytime, anywhere. Even if you are not in the office, room reservation systems like Meetio are also available on mobile platforms to help take care of business matters on the go!

Better Resource Management

Finally, a room booking system like Meetio View comes with tools to help gain a holistic visual view of meeting room resources across the entire organization. Helping both visitors and team members quickly find there way to their respective meetings without fuss or confusion.

So, change the way you do meetings and position your business toward not only continuity in the new normal, but also success. Request a demo of Meetio’s meeting room booking system today!

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