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4 ways a desk booking software can benefit your business

10 August, 2021
Business leaders all around the world are thinking about what the next step for the office is. Hot desking is a rising candidate, and to no surprise the hunt for good solutions have already started. In this post, we list four benefits with a smart desk booking software which you may not have known about!

4 benefits you can enjoy when you have installed a desk booking software:

1. A dynamic office

How do we encourage growth and change? An open culture is one answer, and a supporting environment is another. If the right conditions exists - the next step will come much easier. The same goes for your office.

We know that environmental change can spark creativity. So why do we keep sit at the same desk day in and day out?  With a desk booking software in place, we can make our offices more dynamic. 

2. Become less sensitive to change

If you have implemented hot desking and have installed a desk booking software you give yourself good prerequisites for future change. Hot desking means that all employees shares desks within the worksplace- So, since you don't calculate one desk per employee, you don't need to look for another lease when you either scale up or down. 

3. Shrink your office footprint (and save money!) 

To continue on the theme above – a desk booking software can actually save you money on office space in the long run. Costs related to real estate tends to be high and if you don't utilize your spaces you risk getting a low ROI. 

As a result of the pandemic,  workers have become used to the hybrid work model. As we want to work both from the office and from home, our assigned office desks will be left vacant many hours per week. It is therefore no wonder that the idea of ​​reducing office space exists among many business leaders. In a recent survey made by Fortune, 74% of 500 asked CEO's plan to reduce their spaces the coming years due to hybrid working.

4. Democratic seating

Workplace democracy benefits everyone. When we feel safe to speak out and be involved in decisions, our motivation increases and we will probably get better at our jobs. The same applies where we do our work. When we can choose where we want to work - from different places in the office, at home or at a distance - we will perform better.

These are just a few of all benefits that comes with using a desk booking software! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

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