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Desk scheduling and more: Top tools for workspaces

2 March, 2021

Shared workspaces are all about efficiency. The best coworking environment will still nurture a collaborative atmosphere, while maximizing available resources.

The popularity of coworking continues to rise as many businesses are seeing the benefit of cost savings and the convenience of sharing equipment. Startups and freelancers alike are also seeing the benefits of minimized waste and less impact on the environment, making this an attractive option for many. 

As more people begin coworking, there is an even bigger need for solutions that allow those in a shared space to work smarter. Here is a look at some of the top tools that coworkers can use to revolutionize their shared workspaces. 

Desk Management 

To collaborate effectively, those in a shared workspace must have the tools to easily schedule desks. With Meetio Desk, you can reserve desks and other workspaces to minimize confusion and simplify the scheduling process. Hot desking made easy!

Meetio Desk is a cloud-based solution that makes it easy to manage all physical desks in the facility. The solution enables those in a coworking environment to quickly find available space and book it for the timeframe they desire.

There are also optional digital pucks, which clearly show the availability of each desk at a glance. With the pucks in place, booking a desk becomes just a matter of tapping the device. The same is the case when the user wishes to let go of that space.

Curious about how hot desking can benefit your business? Download our free ebook: Get started with hot desking!

Project Management Software 

Project management tools are essential for keeping your team connected in a coworking space. Project management tools like Basecamp help those in coworking spaces stay connected and up to date on the status of all projects. 

From notifying the people involved in each task to keeping all files and documents organized, these tools help ensure that projects remain in progress and on track. These tools also provide visibility into each project step. 

Tools to Simplify Meeting Room Scheduling

Sometimes you also need to schedule meetings on the go. The Meetio app can be used in addition to book desks, also book meeting rooms in advance.  

Traditional scheduling via your email client can result in time wasted trying to find an office space that is available during the timeframe you need it. The back and forth can also create confusion with team members. Meetio Personal eliminates showing you all available rooms and enabling you to schedule a meeting directly from your mobile device. 

Meeting room solutions like these help to increase productivity by enabling your team members to spend less time trying to find available space. This means they have more time to focus on other critical business activities. 

Thrive in Shared Workspaces with Tools 

Coworking spaces are on the rise and with that comes the need for tools that encourage productivity and teamwork despite the shared environment. The tools above are designed to take shared workspaces to the next level, encouraging and simplifying collaboration. Project management, smart desk scheduling, and meeting room management solutions enable businesses to get the most out of common shared spaces.

Meetio's solutions can help those in a mixed working environment thrive in shared spaces. Learn more about how Meetio can help modernize today's shared workplaces, by signing up for a free demo today.

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