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3 Tips to Know When Leading Effective Conference Calls

15 May, 2020

According to recent statistics, 45% of workplace meetings take place via conference calls. Unfortunately, many people take these calls in incredibly strange places at work because of a lack of proper meeting resources.

Here, we're going to talk about how your employees can avoid taking calls in odd places. Getting an appropriate meeting room management system is the first step, as well as taking professional obligations seriously.

Read on to learn some tips on how to ensure that your company's conference calls are effective and professional.

  • Book an Appropriate Space

The first step to an effective conference call is to book a space where a professional meeting can happen. The lunchroom just doesn't cut it. You'll want to get a conference room management system that allows you to see where employees are taking conference calls. This will not only allow you to moderate where these calls are happening but will ensure that your employees always get an appropriate space to make these calls.

Meetio's smartphone app will allow your employees to book a meeting room in advance. This will ensure that no one takes the space where they are set to have a conference call since they'll have it on reserve. A conference room booking app motivates people to ensure that their meetings happen at a reasonable time in a professional location.

  • Set an Agenda

Once you (or your employee) has a space to conduct conference calls in, it's time to set an agenda for your meeting. This will ensure that everyone stays on track during the conference call. After all, you don't want to forget to discuss key talking points and get derailed.

Make sure that your agenda includes everything that you want to talk about in the conference call. Look it over and make sure that nothing is left out. After that, you can use a conference room booking system to formally book the meeting and invite all the attendees. Meetio’s meeting room management system is the perfect solution to help you send out the meeting agenda and effectively collaborate with everyone who will be attending the event.

  • Anticipate Questions

After the talking points are discussed, people attending, are always going to have questions about it. Whether you're talking about implementing new software or beginning an incentive program, people are going to want to know the details.

Because of this, it's essential that you consider what questions may be asked. Thinking about this ahead of time will ensure that you don't get tripped up or need to waste time looking up the answer to a question. Remember: preparedness is key.

Get a Meeting Room Management System

Running a conference call can be stressful, but there are fortunately ways that you can make it much easier on yourself.

Now that you know how to lead conference calls effectively, it's time to get a meeting room management system that works for you and the entire organization. Find out more about Meetio's solutions below.

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