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What's the deal with flexible working?

2 July, 2020

It seems lately like we’ve been right nagging about flexibility for so long. Offices evolve, technology increases mobility and flexibility more and more everyday and unforeseen situations force us to change the way we work. Flexible working is becoming the most logical choice for office design and we’ll tell you why you should try it too.

Firstly, we’ll let you in on what flexible working means. Basically, it’s a concept that allows your coworkers to choose where they want to sit based on the task at hand or based on what they feel like. This also includes places outside the office, but let’s focus on what it means inside the office now. Because usually, it means that you’re using your office space in a different way.

Reasons to implement flexible working

Of course we’ll run through some valuable facts:

  • Flexible working increases employee productivity

Being able to adapt your working station based on what you're doing increases your productivity. It’s self-explanatory that you finish a task that requires concentration better in a quiet area and so on.

  • It creates higher levels of wellbeing

Flexibility increases the feeling of autonomy, that you can choose for yourself. And it enables you to meet more of your coworkers and collaborate with new people. And with that, the level of wellbeing rises in the office. Did you know that we work better when we’re happier?

  • It improves the quality of the work

Being equipped with what you need to do your job in the best way possible also results in better work. Chock, right?

  • The flexibility creates a feeling of community

A lot of offices fail when it comes to integration in the workplace. Many people only know other people in their department or group. Flexible seating increases the feeling of community for the office as a whole. Face to face interaction with your coworkers is by far the most important function of an office

Implementing flexible working will give your coworkers options and increase overall satisfaction. It’s the modern response to the increasing need for autonomy and awareness of what you need to do your job the best way. It’s time to get onboard.

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