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How's our ABW-journey going?

It's been a month since we started our activity-based workplace journey. What has happened? Are we doing good? Bad? Have we changed our habits at all or are we just doing as we used to? 

We asked our People Operations Generalist Isabel on her thoughts!

Psst. Haven’t heard about ABW before? Read up on it here.

What do you think about ABW?

– I see both pros and cons with having an activity-based workplace. Depending on the nature of your daily work, free seating can be more or less suitable. 

How do you think the transition has worked out for Meetio?

– Overall, I think the transition has been pretty smooth. I think the main reason is that the ABW culture already informally existed within Meetio, and because of that people were more willing to make the change. It was also important for us not to force free seating on everyone. The development teams way of work does not really allow or fit free seating in the same way as the sales- and marketing teams. Therefore they still have their own fit desks. 

– It has also been very helpful getting organized with our new product Meetio Desk (launching soon!). We can book our desk of the day either through the app, or directly on the desk. 

Do you have any advice to other organizations that wants to try ABW?

– My advice to other companies who wants to try ABW as well is that it is important to be aware that changing habits takes time. Neither, it can't only be a top management decision – you need to get the people on board too.

– It is also very helpful to implement a clean desk policy before you go ABW. Free seating requires clean desks and with a clean desk policy you make sure you get a nice and tidy office at all times. Also make sure to have a plug and play solution for each and every desk –  it shouldn't matter if you use a Mac, PC or other. 

– Last advice! Remember to be patient.

Thank you for the wise words, Isabel. 
Don't hesitate to contact us if you want help or input on how to plan your transition to ABW – we'll be happy to help