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Philip Schultz


Hello Philip! Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself and how you ended up on Meetio?

Well, my name is Philip, I'm 22 years old and I'm part of the sales team at Meetio. Before Meetio I was already working in sales at another company, but one day a saw a job that Meetio were looking for a sales rep. I decided to apply since I'm interested in tech and because the Meetio office is located at Stadion where Malmö FF plays – which I'm a big fan of!

What can you tell us about the hiring process?

I was called to an  initial interview with Christian, Head of sales, and we had a very good meeting. Pretty soon after that first interview I had a Skype interview with Andreas and Johannes, and after that everything went very fast. I feel like Meetio values personality a lot when hiring someone new!

How would you describe your role and a regular day at work?

I am a sales rep and basically my job is to increase sales and revenue for the company, and of course – keep our customers happy! No day is like the other really, but usually I come into the office between eight and nine, starting my day with a cup of coffee and talking with my colleagues about yesterday and todays tasks.
My job includes everything between prospecting, closing affairs, customer meetings outside the office and answering emails and calls. It's a very satisfying job!

If you want to grow, evolve and have fun during your workdays you should apply!

You have worked at Meetio for about a year now – what would you say have been the most exciting?

Meetio never stands still – we're constantly growing! During my year we have opened two more offices and grown from a few employees to a whole gang! It's fantastic to be a part of this journey and hear the positive feedback from the customers.

Last question – as the sales person you are, sell in Meetio to future employees! Why should they apply for job here?

If you like varying days, enjoy to take responsibility but also to work in close-knit teams – Meetio suits you perfectly! As a bonus we always have fun and everyone is included in the community. For me, Meetio's solutions are easy to sell which makes it very enjoyable. If you want to grow, evolve and have lots of fun during your work days,  you should definitely apply!