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Duchy Homes: "Being user-friendly is the most important thing"

About Duchy Homes

Duchy Homes is a UK based company who builds luxury houses. It's an impressive company to say the least. However, being an impressive organization doesn’t necessarily mean problem free. We got in touch with Duchy Homes to talk about the issues they face in their day to day life at the head office. You could easily say that the answers we got were pretty familiar...

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Not exploring your options can lead to extra work

We had the pleasure of speaking to Duchy Homes’ IT Infrastructure Manager, Kyle Newman. When he told us about the way they used to handle their room bookings, we recognized the problem right away.

We’ve always just used Outlook and our coworkers never knew if a room was booked or not. As we were growing that solution became impossible. We had to hand out licenses to every single person. Basically we needed something more flexible, said Kyle.

Some organizations tend to stick to their old room booking systems, because the search for a new one is seen as time and money consuming. We’re not saying it’s not, but in the long run sticking to your old ways can end up costing much more.

Kyle Newman, IT Infrastructure Manager, Duchy Homes

Kyle Newman, IT Infrastructure Manager at Duchy Homes.

We were looking at various solutions

When Duchy Homes made the decision that it was time to explore the market and find a more efficient way to book their meeting rooms, the next problem occured:

There are a lot of options on the market and we were looking at various options. No one seemed to have a complete solution. A lot of them had small devices and most of them needed continuous charging to work, which would mean extra work for us, Kyle explained.

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Meetio Room tablet at Duchy Home's office
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Meetio stood out

When we asked Kyle why they chose Meetio over all the other options, he explained that it had to do with two major factors. First was the everyday work at the office, he explained:

Firstly Meetio is very easy to work with and being user friendly is the most important thing. The screens, the small ones as well as the large one, help our coworkers be more efficient and offers them a seamless solution. And we didn’t have to spend all that time on different licenses. Instead we just distributed information about the system.

The second factor had more to do with the future:

We see a future with Meetio. We are still growing fast and Meetio has a lot of exciting things coming. They haven’t lost interest in us just because we’ve already signed on. We are talking to each other about future options, new screens, the app and so on. It feels more like a partnership, like we’re growing together.

The effects of a poorly organized booking system can be costly for the entire organization. More often than not it results in misunderstandings, frustration and eventually a lot of time being wasted. Duchy Homes is not the only organization who’ve come to us with this problem and probably not the last.

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