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Kraftringen got added value with Meetio's solutions

About Kraftringen

Kraftringen is a Swedish energy company betting on the future and sustainable energy. But energy isn’t the only segment where they’ve modernized their business. The Kraftringen office is equipped with Meetio Room and Meetio View. In their own words, it has completely turned around their meeting room organization and usage.



Changing offices and attitudes

Before Kraftringen were introduced to Meetio they were already using touch screens for meeting room bookings and a web app in their phones. However, they didn’t seem to be all that successful…

“We used to book our meeting rooms the classical way, through Outlook, we had web apps and booking screens but no one really seemed to pay attention to them”, said Peter Feldt, IT Security Manager, Kraftringen.

 “In 2018 we moved our offices and switched to an activity-based way of working and in that move, we introduced Meetio to our coworkers. We felt we had to modernize and since no one had used the previous booking screens we had some work to do as far as introduction and training goes”, explained Ninna Adelgren, Office Responsible, Kraftringen.

people in front of screen
people in front of screen

Ninna Adelgren, Office Responsible & Peter Feldt, IT Security Manager, Kraftringen.

Introducing Meetio to their coworkers

While moving their offices, Kraftringen saw their opportunity to really start over with their space management. Activity-based way of working often requires a better working system since it usually means more spontaneous meetings.  

“We started communicating about Meetio even before the move to make sure everyone was prepared for the new change. So when we actually moved, me and Peter cooperated a lot and illustrated the new meeting room system. We went around to groups and showed everyone the new routines. And we made sure we were available to answer questions about it”, said Ninna Adelgren.


"If you meet someone in the hallway, a Meetio View is never far away" 

Kraftringen planned ahead of time to place Meetio View in strategic places around the office.

“We have 4 Meetio View screens and we’ve really tried to place them as well as possible. And I think we succeeded because if you meet someone in the hallway, a Meetio View is never far away. It has really helped us transition to an activity-based workplace, so the value of Meetio has been even bigger than we first thought”, said Peter Feldt.

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