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How Ombud made room booking easy

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Who is Ombud?

Ombud, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, provides a decision management platform designed to increase revenue and allow enterprises to drive to market faster. With Ombud, organizations can easily collaborate, enable knowledge transfer and make better decisions within one single solution. We asked Jake Morton, Director of IT at Ombud, to share his experience with Meetio.

Why Meetio?

As a fast-growing company, meeting space at Ombud had become harder to manage and organize. When we first set out to find a room booking solution, Meetio was not even on our radar. We needed a solution that was customizable, easy to set up, and could go live in as little time as possible. After meeting with Meetio, we instantly recognized its value. A clear differentiator being a turnkey solution for both hardware and software, Meetio insured that we didn't have to compromise on features or price. With one single solution, Meetio satisfied all of our requirements.

Jake continues:

Highly visible status lights on the tablet? Check! Enterprise level management of hardware and software? Check! Customization of the user interface? Check! The level of effort required to deploy and manage Meetio was incredibly low and it provided one of the best Total Costs of Ownership of any solution we evaluated. Our team is thrilled to have such an intuitive tool that makes room booking and management easy. Complaints and concerns about over-booking have disappeared. This was a key decision here at Ombud and we are very pleased.

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Jake Morton at Ombud
Jake Morton, Director of IT at Ombud.

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