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Service Level Agreement

Copyright (©) 2019 Meetio AB and Meetio Inc.
This page was last edited on 19 November 2018. 


Meetio provides software and cloud-services to improve meetings and promote efficient meeting room usage in organizations across the globe. Meetio also provide hardware for use of such software in some of its offerings. “Meetio” refers to Meetio Inc. if you are located in North or South America or Australia and Meetio AB if you are located in Europe, Middle East, Asia or Africa.

In relation to the software and cloud services provided, Meetio provides remote technical support to its customers as described in this document for a predetermined period of time depending on purchasing options when ordering Meetio products.

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines the support levels between the service provider, Meetio AB or Meetio Inc., as applicable, (Meetio), and the customers of that service (Customer).


The validity of this SLA is subject to that support, has either been included in a purchase of Meetio products or that Customer has purchased a separate service for continued support of Meetio products.

This SLA is only valid for such time stipulated upon the purchase of Meetio products or as stipulated upon purchase of prolonged support.

In any conflict between this SLA and the End User License Agreement, the EULA shall prevail.


Meetio customers (IT department or designated service entity within Customers organization).


Meetio provides technical support remotely as to the software and cloud services provided to its customers.

To a limited extent, if mutually agreed, Meetio provides support with regards to implementation of purchased software towards the customers system for room management (i.e. Office 365, Exchange, Google Apps).

Furthermore, Meetio extends support in regard to hardware provided by Meetio and handling of returns if applicable.


5.1 TIER 1

There are multiple ways customers can contact Meetio for remote support:

  • Phone: +46 (0)10 175 49 00 or +1 (971) 205 6170
  • Email your help request to:
  • Submit a service request via the website:

5.2 TIER 2

Issues that cannot be resolved remotely or over the phone from Tier 1 will be escalated to Tier 2 and assigned to one of Meetios technical specialists.

Support requests escalated to Tier 2 will be evaluated and Customer will be contacted in an attempt to manually solve or diagnose the issue on remote through guidance from Meetio staff.


If a support request is deemed to be due to a bug, Meetio will provide an estimated time for a bug fix to be released. Customer reporting such issue will be added as “stakeholder” to such bug fix and receive notification upon release of a new software version containing the bug fix.


Hardware products will be repaired or replaced in accordance with the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty, at Meetio’s option, if it proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use, during the applicable warranty period that Meetio receives from the manufacturer. Meetio will determine if a hardware product is defective within the limits of the applicable manufacturer’s warranty after initial evaluation through either Tier 1 or Tier 2 support. If a hardware product is determined to be defective and within the applicable manufacturer warranty, then the issue will be handled as a Warranty issue. For clarity, if the manufacturer does not honor the warranty or determines that a product is out of the warranty, then Meetio will have no obligation hereunder to provide repaired or replacement products to Customer.

Hardware deemed faulty under warranty shall be sent to Meetio headquarter address, or another by Meetio designated, address.

Subject to the foregoing, Meetio will then provide Customer with a SWAP unit upon examination of such received unit.


Requests for support in Tier 1 will be answered on a first-come, first-served basis with a maximum 24h response time.

Response is defined as a “good faith” effort to communicate with the customer using the contact information provided by that customer. Response may be via phone or voice mail, e-mail, or personal visit.

Service Level response times to service requests are measured once a request is submitted. Other forms of contact may affect the ability of Meetio to meet the requests in a timely fashion. Examples include:

  • Direct emails to individual support personnel
  • Direct phone calls to individual support personnel


As part of this SLA, Meetio will make available to Customer updates of purchased Meetio software products as per download from Meetio website or through the software or cloud services provided during the time for which Customer has right to support and updates as agreed upon purchase.


Meetio cloud services, such as Meetio Admin(the “Services”) , are hosted within the European Union. Cloud service uptimes are guaranteed to 99,9%.

The Services availability will be calculated by dividing the total number of minutes of uptime in the Services during an applicable calendar month by the total number of actual minutes in such month minus minutes of Scheduled Downtime or attributable to the Exclusions (as defined below), and then multiplying that amount by 100  (“Scheduled Uptime”). 


Meetio will use reasonable efforts to provide Customer with a minimum of (7) days advance notice for all scheduled downtime to perform system maintenance, backup and upgrade functions for the Services (the “Scheduled Downtime”) if the Services will be unavailable due to the performance of system maintenance, backup and upgrade functions. Scheduled Downtime will not exceed eight (8) hours per month and will be scheduled in advance during off-peak hours (based on PT and CET). Meetio will notify Customer’s administrator via email of any Scheduled Downtime that Meetio knows will exceed (2) hours.

The duration of Scheduled Downtime is measured, in minutes, as the amount of elapsed time from when the Services are not available to perform operations to when the Services become available to perform operations. Daily system logs will be used to track Scheduled Downtime and any other Services outages.


Unscheduled Downtime is defined as any time outside of the Scheduled Downtime when the Services are not available to perform operations, excluding any outages caused by the failure of any third party vendors, Meetio’s hosting provider, the Internet in general, power outage, or any force majeure event (“Exclusions”). The measurement is in minutes.


If Meetio does not the Scheduled Uptime levels set forth above, Customer will be entitled, upon written request, to a Service Level Credit to be calculated as follows:

  • If Scheduled Uptime is at least 99.9% of the month’s minutes, no Service Level Credit is awarded.
  • If Scheduled Uptime is 99.89% to 99.5% (inclusive) of the month’s minutes, Customer will be eligible for a credit of 2% of a monthly fee paid to Meetio.
  • If Scheduled Uptime is 99.49% to 99.0% (inclusive) of the month’s minutes, Customer will be eligible for a credit of 4% of a monthly fee paid to Meetio
  • If Scheduled Uptime is less than 99.0% of the month’s minutes, Customer will be eligible for a credit of 10.0% of a monthly fee paid to Meetio

Service Level Credits shall be Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy in the event of any failure to meet the Service Levels. Service Level Credits will be applied to the next invoice following Customer’s request and Meetio’s confirmation that credits are applicable.


Customer is required to:

  • Request help and services as outlaid by this SLA.
  • Respond to Meetio staff inquiries in a professional and timely manner.
  • Enable Meetio products to send report data.
  • Maintain compliance with all software licensing requirements.
  • Provide Meetio with physical or remote access to supported systems to reasonable extent.
  • As needed to keep software versions of Meetio products up to date with latest releases.
  • As requested to provide;
    • Access to review configuration through cloud services
    • Device information such as manufacturer and model data, serial number, android version
    • Meetio product version
    • Information about configured room resource management system
    • Information about network connectivity towards Meetio Products