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Meetio or Joan?

Scanning the workplace software market?

Let’s face it – it’s a jungle out there and there are just as many brands as there are stars in the sky (oh well). The market for workplace management software has grown rapidly in the past few years and continues to do so. There’s a plethora of high-quality workplace solutions to choose from, developed by well-established companies such as Meetio and Joan, to name a few.

Every company and organization are different and so are their needs. Meetio want to simplify peoples’ workdays through solutions that are smartsimple and reliable. Ease-of-use has been our primary focus since our founding in 2012, and that focus remains. Whether you’re on the hunt for a room management system, a desk booking solution, wayfinding or mobile scheduling – we got you covered!

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The most important factor for you to consider

When you’re in the process of choosing any sort of workplace management software there are many factors to consider. No matter which solution or vendor you choose to go with, it is something that will impact your workplace and the people in it, and you don’t want to be the punching bag of disappointed employees. Remember, the goal should always be to make your workplace smarter and peoples’ workdays smoother. That requires a solution that is truly easy to use, simple to implement and with low-maintenance, at least that’s our strong belief.

Complex systems with endless features (that are rarely used anyway) might seem attractive and exciting. It could be, but for most companies it’s not the ideal solution. Meetio have over 1300 customers and our room booking and hot desking solutions can be found on global enterprise offices, to SMEs and SMBs across the globe. What they all have in common in why they chose Meetio is that they value the user-friendliness of our products, as well as simple installation and hassle-free remote management of devices.

Oh, and did we mention that our inhouse support team has an average rating of 4.9(!) out of 5 from our customers?

Meetio or Joan?

We don’t want to compare our solutions with other vendors – honestly, we all have our pros and cons. Here could be the perfect spot though to insert the classical feature comparison matrix with green check marks and red X’s. And sure, we release new features all the time, but we don’t believe it’s the amount of features that should primarily guide your decision-making. We believe in making workplaces as smart as the people in them, and that includes you to try and see for yourself what suits your organization best.

We hope that Meetio will be part of your journey and we’re happy to provide you with all the information and guidance you may need in making a well-informed decision. Welcome to schedule a demo with us, and together we’ll discover what’s right for your business!

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Meetio Admin

World class administration of your entire Meetio suite. Centralized remote management of everything from device settings to updates and calendar integrations.

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Statistics of workplace utilization gives you invaluable insights into how your resources are actually used. No more guesswork!

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Our Support Team have an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 from our customers – well, if that ain't awesome... Customer first, always.


Enterprise grade security keeps your data as it should be  safe and secure.

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PACE found a working end-to-end solution

"Before we found Meetio we tried a lot of different things. For example, we bought a sign but couldn’t get onto the site and so on. The lack of standardization even in the conversation was difficult for us but Meetio has been the real deal from start to finish."

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How Meetio helped mobile network giant Three in their journey to a new HQ 

"Our top criteria for a room booking system were that it would be user-friendly and easy to use. We wanted a system that could help break the vicious circle that occurs when booked rooms are not actually used. We also wanted a system that had a mobile app so that we could easily book rooms on our smartphones."

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