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Meetio & Philips launches partnership in North America

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Philips Professional Display Solutions in North America. The collaboration is the start of a joint effort to address the needs and requirements of the fast-paced evolution towards the modern workplace. This will be the start of a flourishing partnership - offering the market an all new fully integrated meeting room booking experience.

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Meetio creates complete solution for meeting room management in new partnership with Philips Professional Display Solutions

The new partnership aims to solve the North American market’s meeting room management issues. A bundled solution of Meetio’s software and Philip’s hardware sets out to increase office efficiency by simplifying room management.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Philips Professional Display Solutions to solve this common challenge for businesses,” said Johannes Bolvede, Co-Founder and CEO, Meetio Inc.

The partnership between the two market leaders was recently announced and the all-in-one solution is now available and market ready. The solution consists of Meetio’s meeting room management software and Philips Professional Display Solutions’ (Philips PDS) T-line displays.

The idea behind the solution comes from the need to create a more efficient workplace. Historically the meeting room management has been unorganized and the time wasted on handling the bookings could simply have been put to better use. Improving meeting room usage will not only boost productivity but can help reduce costs associated with company real estate.

“Workplace efficiency is currently a hot topic for any modern business and through this partnership Meetio and Philips can provide a true plug and play solution to improve meeting room use!” said Johannes Bolvede, Co-Founder and CEO, Meetio Inc. “With this partnership, clients in North America can access best in class meeting room management through beautiful and high-quality displays - powered by the strength of Meetio software.”

The solution will be available in North America and offer the end-user a tried-and-true combination of the easy-to-use software and world class hardware. It features a smartphone app, integrates with the common calendar tools and runs on Philips’ high-quality 10T and 24T displays.

The end-user is not the only one benefiting from this solution. The distributors will no longer have to sell two separate solutions to solve their customers meeting room management issues. They simply have to offer this all-in-one solution.

“Philips stands behind collaboration and innovation – anything to tackle challenges our customers are facing on a daily basis,” said Joseph King, Senior Director, Commercial Displays, North America, Philips Professional Display Solutions. “Partnering with the best software solution providers, such as Meetio, we are offering our customers a simplified approach to workplace collaboration.”

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Johannes Bolvede
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About Meetio
Meetio is devoted to creating the best possible solutions for the modern workplace. With guiding principles such as smart, simple, reliable and fun they have set a new standard for meeting room management. In 2014 they introduced the Room-tablet and since then nothing has been the same. Meetio has had a clear focus on the user experience since the beginning with the purpose to make workplaces all around the world as smart and efficient as the people who work in them. Their three offices spread from Sweden to Portland, USA but their users are located in over 80 countries.

About Philips Professional Display Solutions
Philips Professional Display Solutions (Philips PDS) is a business unit that exclusively markets and sells Philips Professional TVs, Signage Solutions, and monitors worldwide. Philips PDS is operated by TP Vision and MMD, two legal entities that are subsidiaries of TPV Technology—the world’s largest manufacturer of TVs and monitors.

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