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Run Meetio View on your own device.

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Run Meetio View on your own device

The easiest way to get up and running with Meetio View is using our Meetio View Player. Attach it to the back of your display and you're good to go!

Meetio View

Touch enabled

Meetio View Player supports both single and multi-touch enabled screens, so you can interact effortlessly with your office map.

Simple installation

Just attach the Meetio View Player to the back of your display using velcro, plug in the cables and you're up and running.

Use your existing screens

No need to purchase new expensive screens to make your workplace more informative.

Technical details

  • Network connection through Gigabit Ethernet or WiFi.
  • Display connection through HDMI.
  • Single-touch support through USB with standard HID driver.
  • Multi-touch support for selected screens, see list here >
  • Built-in wall mount bracket.
Meetio View Player

Competitive pricing

Simple, straightforward and transparent pricing for everyone.

Meetio View Player
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Use your existing display

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