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How to install a hot-desking system

Are you in the starting pits of installing your new hot-desking system and are curious on how it might look? Lucky for you, we documented our whole installation process – take a look!

It was a Wednesday in November when Tech Lead Christopher walked from the development room to the combined sales and marketing area where the flexible seating experiment was about to start. With him he had several Desk modules and a package of tools.

Our hot-desking system Meetio Desk can be used with desk pucks or through a mobile app and QR-codes. The desk pucks, as seen here, comes with a holder that you attach to your desk. Then you attach the puck, plug it and the hot-desking can begin!

hot desking system

Manage your phone booths with a hot-desking system

If you have phone booths in your office we suggest you include them in your system as well. For us, it has really made it easier to collaborate and reduced conflicts over who has it, thought they had it etc. The pucks immediately shows if the booth is free or not thanks to the colors.

However, as you can see below, it can be a bit tricky to find the correct outlets...

hot desking installation

“If you stand on the stool, and if I lift you plus the stool – maybe you can reach the outlet?”

Once we found the outlets everything was done! Now all desks in our office have their own desk puck and you easily book your seat for the day. Every morning each and everyone at Meetio book their desk through Meetio App before they come into office – and if you forget you can always book directly on the puck.

If you use QR-codes instead of pucks the installation process is even more easy. You just print your codes, attach them to your desks and voilà – done. 

Do you want to know more about hot-desking and how it can benefit your business? Schedule a quick call with us and we will tell you more!

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