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How to configure a meeting room delegate to manually approve/decline room bookings 


A useful setting for those who want a specific person within the organisation to approve/decline meeting room bookings manually. 

Requirements: Office 365 admin role / Exchange Admin role in

Office 365 

1. Go to the Microsoft 365 admin center (Microsoft 365 admin center - Home) 

2. In the bottom left corner, click show all and then click on Exchange  

microsoft admin center


3. On the next page, click on “Resources” under recipients


4.Double click the room you want to configure a delegate for.  Then, click on “booking delegates” 

5. Under “Booking requests”, check the box “Select delegates who can accept or decline booking requests”, and then add a delegate by clicking on the + 

booking requests



6. Press save and repeat for any other room that you would like.  Now all meeting requests for this room will first go to the delegate for approval. 



1. Go to the ECP (Exchange Control Panel).  The URL depends on your organisation. 

2. Click on “Resources” and then double click the room you want to configure. 

3. Check the box “Select delegates who can accept or decline booking requests” and add a person 

booking requests exchange


You can also configure so that specific people do not need approval to book a room.  You can read more about it here: 
Set scheduling permissions for a room mailbox: Exchange 2013 Help | Microsoft Docs 

Good luck!