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Exchange impersonation with meetio

Exchange impersonation with Meetio

As an alternative way to setup permissions for the service account (“Delegation”) to room resources in Meetio you can use “Impersonation”. The advantage is that you can set a so-called management scope which will set the permissions for all existing and future room resources, reducing the number of administration tasks.

To setup impersonation

  1. Connect to Exchange Management Shell (either locally on the Exchange On-prem server or by following the guide for Exchange Online.
  2. New-ManagementScope -Name "ResourcesManagementScope" -RecipientRestrictionFilter {RecipientTypeDetails -eq "RoomMailbox" -or RecipientTypeDetails -eq "EquipmentMailbox"}
  3. New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Name "ResourcesImpersonation" –Role ApplicationImpersonation –User “[serviceaccount]”  –CustomRecipientWriteScope " ResourcesManagementScope"
    (replace [serviceaccount] with your service account SMTP address).
  4. Check “Impersonation” box in Meetio Admin or Meetio settings.

Please note, it can take some time for Office 365 to propagate permissions. Sometimes up to 24 hours, in some rare cases even longer. You will get the same error as if there are no permissions set.

All set!