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Installing Security Certificates on your tablets (802.1x)


Iadea Tablets: 

1. Copy and Paste the CA certificate (*.pem) and User certificate (*.pfx) to USB drive.
2. On the tablet, click on the logo and then select “Settings”. Then, click on “Launch Android settings”
3. Scroll down until you find “Security” and click on it

step one security

4. Under Credential Storage, select “Install from SD card”

install from sd card

5. Select the USB Drive and the CA certificate.

open from usb storage

6. Name the certificates and choose your credential use. If certificate is for Network authentication ( 802.1x ), select Wi-Fi. 

name the certificate

7. Select 'OK' to set up the lock screen PIN to enable security settings.


unlock selection PIN

choose your pin

8. After setting up the PIN, you will see the certificate is installed. You can also verify by selecting User credentials to view all installed certificates.
9. Go back step 4 to install another certificate.
10. After installing the certificates, go Ethernet and choose Modify network

ethernet modify network

11. Choose your preferred Security, EAP method, CA certificate and User certificate. You can fill anything in Identity but cannot be blank. Save settings.

ethernet certification

12. And you're done! Just confirm that the status has changed to "Connected".