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Ports used by Meetio software

Ports used by Meetio

For Meetio to work on your network there are a few ports that needs to be open in order for the devices to access your calendar and Meetio Admin (the central administration tool):

Meetio Admin:

  • Port 443 (TCP) to
  • Port 443 (TCP) to
  • Port 443 (TCP) to
  • NTP (Time)
  • Port 123 (UDP) to and or your custom NTP server (Meetio devices can also get NTP-server address from the DNS if you have configured it as an SRV-record).

Office 365

  • Port 443 (TCP) to
  • Port 443 (TCP) to (Only if using oAuth)

G Suite

  • Port 443 (TCP) to


  • Port 443 (TCP) to your Exchange-server EWS base URL (most likely something like https://mail.domain.tld)