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Running Meetio on your own Android device


Meetio apps (Meetio Room and Meetio View) is developed to run on as wide variety of Android devices as possible. There is however a couple of things to consider when running Meetio on an Android device that isn’t purchased from Meetio (also known as a “Meetio hardware package”).


  • The Meetio apps requires at least Android 4.4. For the best experience with the kiosk mode (meaning that users will not be able to exit the app), we recommend Android 5.0 or higher.
  • A resolution of 1920*1080 is recommended, minimum resolution is 1280*720.
  • CPU and memory per minimum specification of the specific Android version.
  • Must present a unique serial number on each device.

Vanilla Android vs modified Android

Vanilla Android, or “stock Android” is the unmodified version of Android. This could be either Googles flagship devices or a third part device. However, as Android lets manufacturers and developers change the code (through the Android Open Source Project) and thus changing how Android behaves Meetio will provide limited device support on unmodified versions of Android and will not be able to provide any device related support on modified versions of Android. Meetio will only be able to test the apps against unmodified versions of Android.
Meetio recommends that other apps should not be installed on the devices running Meetio apps, including but not limited to the manufacturers apps.

Limited support

As there is many different Android devices we can not give support related to device specific questions or problems. Meetio will not give recommendations on any hardware except the hardware that is packaged with Meetio. We recommend running the trial (full version for 10 days) to see if it works well on your device.