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Throttling policy in Exchange on-prem

The throttling policy in Exchange on-prem and the Meetio Room service account

In large deployments of Meetio Room (20+ units) against Exchange On-prem, we recommend taking one of the following steps to prevent throttling on the Exchange server.

The throttling policy in Exchange is a protection mechanism for the Exchange server to ensure that the server’s resources are not drained by a small number of users. The default policy allows for quite low amount of resources allocated, which in a larger Meetio Room deployment can mean that the service account, used by Meetio Room to connect to the Exchange server, becomes throttled. In turn, this may result in a less desired user experience where interactions (e.g. booking, ending meetings etc.) take too much time, or in a worst-case scenario, doesn’t get a response from the Exchange server.

Two options to manage the throttling

Create one service account per 20 units

This is the simplest approach. Having one service account per 20 units will make sure they never hit the throttling policy. The downside to this approach is that each service account might be associated with a cost and the setup process might require some additional administration.

Disable the throttling policy for the service account

This is the preferred method, since it makes for the easiest administration of Meetio Room devices, but it requires admin rights on the Exchange server.

However, if you have the correct administrative permissions towards your Exchange environment and is somewhat familiar with PowerShell, here’s how you create a new throttling policy.

Connect to Exchange PowerShell and create a new policy:

New-ThrottlingPolicy -Name MeetioThrottlingPolicy -RCAMaxConcurrency Unlimited -EWSMaxConcurrency Unlimited -EWSMaxSubscriptions Unlimited - CPAMaxConcurrency Unlimited -EwsCutoffBalance Unlimited -EwsMaxBurst Unlimited -EwsRechargeRate Unlimited

Assign the throttling policy to the Meetio service account:

Set-ThrottlingPolicyAssociation -Identity ServiceAccountName -ThrottlingPolicy MeetioThrottlingPolicy

And that’s it – your service account can now be used to connect to an unlimited amount of Meetio Room displays.