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Update your Meetio software with Meetio Update

Update Meetio software using Meetio Update

Step 1: Download Meetio Update

Download the new Meetio Update app by starting the built-in “Web Browser” (or “Chrome”, depending on your tablet version) and enter the URL From there you can download the latest version by clicking on the link to the latest Meetio Update-version.

Step 2: Install Meetio Update

Once the file has been downloaded (should take less than 30 seconds) you’ll see a popup asking if you’d like to install the new app. If you don’t see this popup, exit the web browser and start the “Downloads”-app and click on the filename “meetio-update-X.X.X.apk” and then hit Install.

Step 3: Check for updates

When the Update-app has finished installing, open it, choose your Meetio product and click on “Check for updates” followed by “Install latest stable version”.

Step 4: Install your software

You will, when the counter has reached 100%, see a popup asking if you’d like to install the app, where you click on “Install” to continue. When installed, a final popup asks if you want to open the app.

Best of luck and if you would get into any trouble, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!