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Supported touch devices

For Meetio View Player

Meetio View Player allows you to run Meetio View on your own display.

Single-touch display

If your display supports single-touch through an USB interface, Meetio View Player is compatible with it as long as it uses a standard HID driver.

Multi-touch display

If your display supports multi-touch, the following models are known to be compatible:


Model no.



ELO 3202L 04E7 240B
4202L 04E7 240C
IRTouch FB/FC-series IFF7 0013
TC-series 1FF7 0013
Samsung D-series    
LH32PMFXTBC/XY 0x04E8 0x20A6
Philips 43BDL4051T 1ff7 0013
55BDL4051T 1ff7 0013
Viewsonic 32"PCT 222A 0001
70"PCT 222A 0001
CDE5501-TL 1FF7 0001
CDE5560T 1FF7 0001
CDE5561T 1FF7 0001
CDE6552-TL 1FF7 0001
CDE6560T 1FF7 0001
CDE6561T 1FF7 0001
CDE7051-TL 1FF7 0001
CDE7060T 1FF7 0001
CDE7061T 1FF7 0001
CDE7561T 1FF7 0001
CDE8451-TL 1FF7 0001
CDE8452T 1FF7 0001
CDP4260-TL 202E 0006