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Conference Room Equipment Checklist

24 November, 2017

There’s almost nothing worse than arriving at a meeting and not being prepared with the right equipment. Just as with creating a meeting agenda and meeting invitation ahead of time, companies need to prepare meeting rooms with all the necessary equipment that ensures that the meeting can begin on time, and run smoothly.

To make sure you have everything, we advise you to create a meeting room equipment checklist. That way you’ll ensure you can achieve maximum results with your meetings, and you can limit your worries and concerns about how effective your meetings will be.

Start with the conference room equipment basics

Depending on what type of meeting you are hosting, different types of equipment are needed. In some cases, you may require your staff to bring their own materials, and if that’s the situation you should notify them in the meeting invitations. Otherwise, your company should make sure that they are considering all of the necessary supplies for staff to ensure all participants have what they need for a successful meeting. If you are using huddle rooms, or like to incorporate stand-up meetings, these rooms should be equipped accordingly. For regular meetings and conferences that include larger amounts of people, they’ll most likely require more equipment.

Conference room equipment necessities

So, what are the main necessities for your conference rooms? We have a list to get you started!

  • Whiteboard with pens.You might need to make some notes or visuals on a white board to help explain a topic in more detail.

  • The right chairs and table.Consider the chairs and tables and how they will function in the space. Is the table too large for meetings to feel intimate? Are the chairs stiff and uncomfortable so attendees can’t focus on the presentation?

  • The right projector and viewport.Is there anything more annoying then non-functioning technology? Don’t think so. Therefore, take a look in the room that you’re hosting the meeting and make sure you have the right equipment necessary. Small details with huge importance.

  • Cables and cords.Nothing delays meetings more than not having the correct cords. Either stock them in the meeting room beforehand or be sure to acquire and bring the correct ones to the meeting. You may even want to test out your cords ahead of time to make sure that at the meeting you don’t run into any connectivity issues.

  • Functioning A/V equipment.If your presentation requires audio, you’ll want to prepare that equipment ahead of time as well. Make sure that speakers are functioning properly, and you have the right connections for them.

  • Audio or video conferencing equipment. Is your team distributed or you have attendees coming in virtually or by phone? Ensure conferencing equipment is set up beforehand so that no one misses out on important parts of the meeting.

  • A coffee maker and/or hot water boiler for tea.Attendees should be alert and focused for the meeting, make sure they have what they need to pay attention!

There are many ways that meetings can go off the rails and end up being unproductive or unenjoyable. Therefore, make sure that you have given yourself the best conditions beforehand. A meeting that doesn’t have to wait on insufficient equipment have way better chance of being productive, or don’t you agree? Start with a conference room equipment checklist and you’ll be much more prepared for success!

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