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Flexible Working: prep your workplace

23 July, 2020

We have already been over all the perks with flexible working. Remember? How it boosts productivity, collaboration and overall well being? Of course, you do. It’s time to get into the practical stuff. How do you actually prepare and equip your office for this kind of work?

First off, sit down and make a drawing of your office. Use software or go old school and draw it by hand.

  •  Start by adding all of the permanent stuff such as doors, windows, walls and the other things you won’t be able to move or control. Remember our piece on how to make flexible working successful? Use those tips, summarize your coworkers’ inputs and start to sketch different areas on your layout.

  •  Try out different seatings and furniture in different places, how can you optimize the space? Ask for more input and experiment with the sketch.

  • Don’t forget, you’re never done. You might be really happy with your layout sketch but when actualized you’ll most likely bump into things you need to change.

Consider this:

  • Storage space (without personal seats your coworkers will need somewhere to safely lock up their things)

  • Multiple usages (build spaces that can be used for several purposes)

  • Space for spontaneity huddle rooms, touchdown spots, phone booths, etc).


There are several options for different hardware as well as software that makes flexible working a piece of cake


  • Wifi (no explanation needed)

  • A seamless room booking system
    It enables your coworkers to book planned and spontaneous meetings or different rooms needed for specific tasks.

  • A hot desking aid
    Software to book a desk for the day and the task at hand. Ps. it’s perfect to ensure social distancing.


  • Touch screens
    Use touch screens for your room booking system so that your coworkers can book a meeting on the go.

  • Charging stations
    A bunch of them, all over the place.

  • Desk setups
    Monitors, mouses, keyboards, docking stations. If you want to think a bit extra on hygiene, give your coworkers wireless mouses and keyboards to take with them to different places in the office instead of sharing.

Other smart stuff

Besides tech, there are other tools and equipment which creates an easy path into flexible working.

  • Moveable furniture: for maximum flexibility use moveable whiteboards and dividers and you can change a space in a second. And have run-throughs and presentations anywhere.

  • Adjustable desks: let your coworkers choose if they want to sit or stand.

  • Materials with multiple using areas: you can paint walls with whiteboard paint so that your coworkers can write directly on the walls. You can also use windows as whiteboards with the right pens.

  • Comfort: don’t skimp on chairs, they’re super important. Put in couches, armchairs, chaise lounges etc. Make the space liveable and warm.

So, does it feel doable?

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