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Say Hello to Your New Best Friend – Meetio App

4 April, 2018

Meetio AppScheduling meetings and meeting rooms aren't supposed to be a hassle neither time consuming, it should just work! Meetio strives to create better meetings and to simplify peoples' workdays and since day one, our core values Smart, Simple, Reliable have conducted the way we do business and develop products. We are now taking the next step by launching an iOS app for even easier meeting scheduling!

Schedule on the go

Have you ever tried scheduling a meeting room on your phone before? It's close to impossible, we know. That's why we've developed Meetio App! Now you can schedule meetings and meeting rooms - all at once, on your phone, from wherever you are.


Time is precious. Yet we are spending quite much time on creating meeting invitations and scheduling rooms from our standard email clients on our computers. Something that's actually pretty time-consuming. With Meetio App you can schedule a meeting in seconds.

Stop searching

Forget about searching the office for available meeting rooms. A complete overview of available rooms are just one click away!

Easy to get started

Meetio App connects to your existing calendar system in Office 365 or Exchange. This means you'll have access to your entire calendar inside the app. All you need to get started is an Office 365 or Exchange account with access to your organization's room resources, so what are you waiting for?

Read more about Meetio App here!

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