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Workplace Trends: Office Tech 2020

18 February, 2020

As you’ve probably figured out by now we are making some predictions for 2020 and what “the new black” in office design will be. This time we’re taking a little detour but to an, oh so important destination. You see, tech trends are not only a part of the office design but sometimes even the base for the rest of the design. That is why we are diving in deep and investigating the upcoming trends. 

When we speak about office technology we’re referring to all technology used within the workplace to either do your job or to keep the office running. Whatever that means, right? It will become more clear as you read on. But it’s important to know that office tech can mean a lot of things besides your computer or your phone. 

We have to mention Artificial Intelligence 

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are probably aware of the hype around Artificial Intelligence, or AI if you wish. Within this hype, some are excited and some are scared. And the fear is often based on the belief that AI will take over everything and most of us will lose our jobs. Not that AI isn’t impressive and somewhat shocking sometimes, but you can relax. It won’t take over the world and it probably won’t steal your job either. It will, however, be more and more incorporated into the workplace. Voice assistants will evolve and help you take care of smaller tasks to free your schedule. Maybe book your meetings and meeting rooms for you? In that way, you can focus on other, more meaningful things.

Desk management tools

Hot desking, flexible seating or whatever you want to call it is really a hot topic of 2020. Both bigger and smaller businesses have started notice the perks with letting their employees choose where they want to work depending on the needs of their tasks. However, this calls for new tools!

If you want to implement flexible seating you need to make sure your desks are bookable. Otherwise you soon will be facing frustrated employees that can't find their seat for the day. Desk management tools can help you both organize and make your transition run smoother. 


Clouds, as far as the eye can see

Cloud services aren’t exactly news. But how we choose them will change in 2020. The discussion has previously revolved around choosing a private or public cloud and which one of those options that’s really the best. From now on experts believe that hybrid clouds will be the centre of attention. See, the perspective will change. Instead of focusing on which cloud’s the best you will base the decision on your business goals and then choose the option that fits then and there. That also means the choice can vary from situation to situation. Ergo - hybrid clouds. 

Centralize the communication

In past years new ways of communication have been popping up everywhere. And things have really changed. Looking back 10 years, our office communication revolved around phones and email. Now, all we do is talk to each other in short messages via chat apps. Different tools for video chatting have also made our lives easier in so many ways, not to mention it has enabled entire teams to work remotely. Basically different communication tools have made us more effective. But it also has its downsides. A lot of employees feel stressed by these many channels for communication and if you’re not careful, it can result in a communication overload. Therefore 2020 will be the year where companies reduce the digital noise and invent ways to organize the communication.

What do you think about the upcoming year? Will we see these predictions come true or are we way off in our trend sightings? Or maybe we should rephrase: what would you want to happen in 2020 when it comes to office tech?

Next up: Domesticated offices vs. Remote design!

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